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25 or 26g Pin on Glute


I know the smaller pins are meant for smaller muscles, I have a surplus of these though, is it absolutely nec to use larger pins for the Glutes


I have been using 25g 1" pins on my glutes for TRT for years now with no problems. Depending the amount of fat on your glutes, it may or may not be IM, but that should not matter much. I've tried 22g 1.5" pins on my glutes, but they are brutal and I did not notice any difference (even at higher doses).


That's good to know.... I just did my first pin ever on my glute on monday. Im really sore. No inflamation bruising or swelling so I don't think I screwed anything up too bad. I just don't want to imagine what a 22 would do


You will get soreness in virgin muscle, don't worry about it.