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.25 Needle into Glutes Causing Abcess?


just injected into my right glute day before, injection went well and did swab with alcohol and aspirated and missed nothing. however i used a .25 needle, and when injecting halfway i probably drew the needle out a little while still injecting, didnt realise until suddenly i realise i was seeing quite abit of the needle, so i pushed it back in and continued with the inject.

Thought i was done and drew it out, realised there was still a .6mg inside, so i changed the needle, alcohol, pushed in, aspirated and did, probably near the first site as well.

thing is there's a lump there now though not very painful or anything, feels just like how my other prop injects felt so im not concerned until my friend told me i shouldve used a .23 instead of 25 to inject the glutes, and so now im getting worried..

damnit now i dont know if i want to hit the glutes anymore, its relatively pain free compared to how my arms felt when i hit my triceps and doesnt affect trng ( the triceps shot on both arms 125mg was baddd and mightve caused some obstruction during trng). urgh is there a need to be worried? or should i simply wait a few days, continue massaging the area and if the lump doesnt clear, go see someone and get it drained :confused: thats gonna be fucked aahhh lol.


ps. concern here is since i used the .25 needle and drew it out by accident while injecting, would it by any chance be injected into fat, and if the case is so, would there be lasting damages?

Sorry for this bitch rant, this' my first cycle afterall):


If it doesn't go away within a few days, go see a doctor.

Read this



First cycle? You cant tell.. :wink:

The gauge of a needle will not have any bearing on abscess formation or anything like that. Also a 25 is fine for a large muscle group such as the vastus lateralis or the gluteals.

You DO know that a 25 is SMALLER than a 23? And it would be preferable to use the smallest needle as possible in every shot, as it causes less 'damage' to the muscle/fascia, etc.

A few tips.

-Use the smallest gauge as possible.. a 27 is good for bi's, delts.. a 25 is good for glutes/quads.
-Avoid the Tri's - they are painful and awkward, not to mention unnecessary.
-Read the injection pain sticky.
-Use pre-mapped injection sites found on injection technique sites, such as 'how to inject.com and i believe getpinz.com has some tips too.. use google mate.
-If you find soreness, swelling, redness - and are not convinced enough to visit the docs, then know it is safe to wait a week before taking action. Usually after 7 days if the issue has not resolved itself, then it will need medical attention, a PCP/GP will prescribe antibiotics as a first point of action.. and will work in most cases just fine, lancing is last choice.
-Try not to listen to friends who know little more than you - which is difficult i agree - but find reputable steroid sites and especially medical sites to help with injections.. remember the medical professions are pro's and have real procedures for sterile and clean injections.. your mate 'Tony' may not.

As time goes by, you will become more confident - it takes time for the hand to stop shaking, and the heart to stop racing, but when it does you will see it is very simple.

Always inject after washing, always use clean equipment and change if used once, dropped or if it touches anything other than air - also change if it is in contact with air too long aswell.

Finally, dont stress about it.. most of us here do many many injections per year, and some of us already have hundreds under our belts - so ask for advice if unsure. I am happy to answer PM's on injection technique if you like.



Thanks brook for the prompt reply, you're a kind and experienced mate always willing to help!

Yup i do know the .25 is smaller than the .23 but my concern was what if i injected some of the test into the fat at the gluteal area? would that actually be much of a concern? 'Tony' was of the opinion that the .25 might only penetrate to the fat and not hit the muscle, and i used how to do injections.com to locate the site that day. I'm roughly 12-13% bf taken with calilpers..

Yes sir, thank you for your reminder and tips on all the other points, i will take note of every one of them.

So am i right to say you're also definitely of the opinion the .25 is suited for use for the gluteal injection? cos if it is, i might just hit it tmr or on thursday ( can't decide between the left glute or right bi tmr :D) LOL. thanks for some form of reassurance too.


25 is the measurement or Gauge of the width of the needle, and has no relation to the length - UNLESS you mean 0.25" as in length and not gauge.

What is the needle you use, written in the following format:

25G, 1.25" (being 25 gauge, one and a quarter inch length)


First of all. Speak english.

Needles are measured in gauges. No decimal points necessary. Just clearing up some terminology.

The length of needle will determine how deep into the muscle the oil goes. The gauge doesn't affect this. Gauges are selected for comfort and lengths are selected for which site you are using.

If you aren't in contest shape you should be using 1.5" needles in your glutes. You can use a 1" needle in the ventroglute and possibly the thigh, depending how much fat you carry in your legs.

I don't see any reason to inject Biceps or triceps. Glutes, Ventro glute, quad, and delt should be plenty and they are acceptable sites for standard volumes of oil.

A lump is nothing to worry about unless it becomes more painful as time passes and it gets warm and red. Lumps can occur just from the oil forming a pocket. Massaging isn't necessary, but if it makes it feel better that's fine.

Injecting into fat is not necessarily a problem. It can cause some extra discomfort depending how much oil was shot SubQ. It will also release a bit slower than if were injected in the muscle (I think).


Seriously check into the ventr oglute site as an option to replace glute shots. Very few people take advantage of this medically sound site for injection. Much easier to aspirate and see what you are doing, although admittedly scary the first time you do it.

And Bonez is correct if you got a little into the fat it may just release the drug slightly slower.

Sounds like you have nothing to worry about.


Hey man i know exactly what you did wrong. You injected too damn fast. The .23 and the .25 dont make a difference. Inject the oil super slow. I had the same problem when I was neubie and I figured it out. I had to go to the Dr and get some Bactrim, that is what they prescribed for an abcess. I think that you might can get some online if you look around. I hope this helps.


That may or may not be correct. More than likely there is some oil that ended up in the fat layer when the needle got pulled out a little that will be absorbed in a couple of days.

For glutes, try reaching behind your back and holding syringe steady with one hand and operating the plunger with the other. That can prevent moving and casing trauma to the injection site and moving the needle in and out.


Thanks bonez for clearing up the terminology, and i was using a 25G, 1" needle thus the worry.

Thanks to everybody else who chimed in with advice, i will look into the ventroglute site as well and all the other sites bonez mentioned previously.

Time to get some longer needles i guess, thanks!


No problem

Good luck


Damn you people starting out with 25G. When I started I was using 22.5G 1.5" in quads and glutes. Have even used an 18G one time!

OP what is the BA content in your AAS? It is likely not the cause of your lump (rather it is more than likely what Bonez suggested) but could cause a lump. Although, you would be experiencing some pain in the area as well.

Keep us posted


hey juice82, that im not too sure, 'tony' acquired the goods for me so now when i want to get my gear i have to go through him and that is something i highly do not like but might have to live with unless a kind soul here would pm me and drop me some clues:D YES THAT IS A HINT lol and so pls hit the pm button.

Also, the lump is smaller and almost gone with almost no pain to the area. Dynamo and bonez were probably right- the oil in the layer of fat simply took more time to disperse, once again thanks for the help guys! the bicep shot really sucked yday, i couldnt move my entire arm and the biceps felt like it was being torn apart- couldnt even stretch it straight, will NVR shoot 1.25 in there again.


Rule of thumb;

  • over 1ml in a small muscle will hurt even relatively experienced users..
  • over 1ml in larger muscle groups will hurt if the user is a novice.
  • Split injection volumes into seperate shots done in different muscles, at the same time.
  • Push the needle ALL the way into the muscle, that way it will stay at the same depth and not move in and out.
  • Use the correct length needle for the muscle in question.
  • As bonez suggested, unless you are injecting a large volume daily, there is no need to use the Biceps site. The Gluteal, Vastus lateralis (side quad) and ventrogluteal sites will suffice.. Delt too if you like.

I gave you my fitness based email today - you are welcome to ask questions there - no charge.



If .6 is left in the barrel. I change needles, swap hands, swap NEW area and go ahead with injection. Situation could have been avoided IMO from the beginning.


Sounds like a classic shallow inject there friend. I had one not so long ago, if you've been in the game long enough everyone gets a bad one once and again. Yes likely some of the oil ended up in your adipose tissue which caused the redness and swelling. Depending on volume usually clears up in 2-4 days.
Brook gave some good guidelines. VG and Glute should easily take 2mls of properly injected good gear without noticing it.