25, Going on 60

How about DIM to lower your E2? Or better yet, lots of cruciferous vegetables. Save the miracle chemicals for when you’re sixty.

Resveratrol also has demonstrated estrogen lowering properties

herbal supplements work wonders for some… they also can do more harm than good in others… and there is no way to know how you personally will react until you try it.

they can be worth it, but should be used with caution. You should also only ever change or add one element at a time; otherwise you will have no idea what supplements/medication is causing what reactions or symptoms.

Thanks, everyone, for the input. My first instinct was to stack as many supplements as possible, but I quickly realized that I needed to curb my zeal.

I’ll give the I-3-C some time and see if it spurs any changes. In the meantime, I’ll be looking into DIM and Resveratrol.

Got some fresh TSH and E2 numbers today. Can’t remember the TSH, but it was pretty dialed in so I’m sticking with 90mg/day of Armour for the foreseeable future.

E2 went down from 34 to 22, which is better but not quite good, so I got a script for Anastrizole (generic Arimidex) - .5mg, twice per week.

I was told that I don’t need to come back for a return visit unless I start experiencing side effects and/or want to get some blood work done. I’ll probably get my E2/T tested in 3-6 months just to see what’s up.

So I guess mission accomplished? Thanks to all those who have contributed valuable info along the way. You’ve been a big help.

If your E2 is 22 why do you think its not good enough? Why would you want to take AI to push it down further? 22 is right around perfect for most people.

It’s not the number so much as the persistence of symptoms (e.g., breast tissue). Do you think it would be unwise to try to push it lower?

If you already have gyno, pushing your E2 lower will not make it go away. You have to have surgery for that. Reducing E2 can make hte lumps slightly smaller I believe, but is not an overall effective solution. You should have no gyno risks at E2 = 22.

Yes, I mentioned the gyno/surgery thing to the doc, but she seemed to just shrug it off. Should have held to my convictions. I think I’ll be sticking with the I-3-C for the time being (and searching for an affluent sugar mama to fund future surgery).

Just had some new bloodwork done. I have been experiencing chronic fatigue/lethargy/brain fog/etc, and it has been seriously interfering with my ability to accomplish anything. This were done through my school, instead of the naturopath I had been seeing last year so the panel, and IMO, is somewhat lacking (T3, T4).

I have been taking 90mg of Armour since 12/2011.

Lab results [Results from 12/2011]
Total Testosterone: 380 [523]
Estradiol: 23 [22]
TSH: 0.49 [3.585]

The TSH on the most recent lab was listed as “TSH W/REFLEX TO FT4”

I have a followup appointment with a school doctor on Wednesday. If that doesn’t prove fruitful, I’ll probably head back to the naturopath. I find the decrease in TSH and testosterone disconcerting to say the least…

Doctor wanted me to get more bloodwork done earlier in the morning. Lab from yesterday:

Total Testosterone: 326
TSH: 0.93
Free T4: 0.9

Needless to say, I’ve scheduled an appointment with the naturopath for Wednesday.

Saw the ND today. She believes that HRT is probably the appropriate option. I’m going to get another lab done (LH, FSH, TT, FT, B12, IGF-1), then see her again on February 4th.

I might have suffered a head injury in 2007 when I got hit by a car. I can’t remember it very clearly, as I briefly blacked out at the time. She mentioned the possibility of a possible pituitary disorder.

I’m not really sure what to think about HRT. It’s a pretty big commitment, but I’m just so tired of feeling awful all the time.

Haven’t received the latest results yet, but my libido has been nonexistent for about a week now. Fatigue and mood have both been worse, also. I’d be interested to hear others’ input regarding HRT. I thought that treating my thyroid would have ameliorated my symptoms, but that obviously hasn’t been the case.

Got my labs back from 1/17. Kind of surprised, considering how low I’ve been feeling.

IGF I, LC/MS: 222 [63 - 373]
Z Score (Male): 0.5 [-2.0 - +2.0]

B12: 736 [200 - 1100]

FSH: 3.0 [1.6 - 8.0]
LH: 4.4 [1.5 - 9.3]

Total Testosterone: 482 [250 - 1100]
Free Testosterone: 70.7 [35 - 155]

To my untrained eye, everything looks…normal? My TT is back up to around where it was last year. In that awkward spot between feeling good and being able to justify exogenous T. My FT seems to have decreased, though.

KSman or anyone else,

I hesitate to bump my own thread, but I would be very appreciative to hear anyone else’s input. I’m not really sure how to interpret the fluctuations in my most recent labs, or how to assess the what the appropriate actions would be.

Do you recall if you had low body temperatures prior to thyroid meds?

Iodine intake?

Body temperatures can be guide to thyroid med dosing. Please post.

Please see the thyroid basics sticky.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Do you recall if you had low body temperatures prior to thyroid meds?

Iodine intake?

Body temperatures can be guide to thyroid med dosing. Please post.

Please see the thyroid basics sticky.


Thanks for posting, KSman. I don’t recall having low body temperatures prior to thyroid meds. I recently took my temperature throughout the day when I was beginning to feel worse, and while I don’t have the numbers on me, it was never low according to the sticky.

I’m not sure how exactly to quantify my iodine intake, but my multivitamin has 150 mcg, and I add a liberal amount of iodized salt to all of my non-shake food.

My ND has prescribed 200 mg/mL test cyp per week (0.3 mL IM once per week). If I were to do this, I would split it up into a biweekly dose.
She said that she’ll prescribe an AI when I return for a followup in a month if my E2 exceeds 30-40. T without an AI seems daunting to me, as I have a history of elevated E2.
She also said that she’d prescribe hCG if my testicles atrophy. I’m indifferent about my sperm count, but mildly concerned for purely aesthetic reasons.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with TRT without an AI? I feel as though I have yet to come across a case of this, and that it could very well be worth my advocating for (or, rather, against). I would have thought it would be a given that E2 would increase commensurately, but I’m guessing she would prescribe it right off the bat if she had historically found it to be the case with her patients.