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25 Days to Fix Deadlift Grip Strength

Ha, my lifts are usually fast or misses. I’m not much of a grinder.

Nice deadlift, how did the rest of the meet go?

What was your previous deadlift PR? For some reason I was thinking you were already pulling over 600.

Thanks! Went decent. Got red lighted for depth on my first 2 squats so I hit the same as my last meet which was 430. I don’t wear knee sleeves for squats, and I think they might give a slight advantage for hitting depth since they make the knee appear higher.

Bench I improved 10lbs to 275 which felt easy. 265 was a grind last time. Probably had 285-290, but I wanted to PR and hit all 3 attempts.

I’d hit 600, but dropped 605 twice. Aiming for 615-620 next time.


Only by 7mm. But I hear that black or dark blue singlets can make it hard to see the hip crease and can result in good squats failing, that could be part of it.

USAPL is stupid with squat depth sometimes, there are tons of videos of good squats getting reds for depth. I thought they had changed their ways, but maybe not.

Not a great angle, but this is the one that got red lighted. Maybe it wasn’t to depth, but it’s really close.

To me it looks like it should pass, not ridiculously deep but deep enough by IPF standards. I think some judges are just lazy and if it isn’t blatantly obvious to them that it’s to depth they give red lights, like they don’t even want to have to focus their eyes or think about it. The black singlet wouldn’t help either.

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I’m an asshole judge and i’d of probably white lighted that, however i wasn’t judging.

as @chris_ottawa said get a single that’s color or has a color stripe down the sides.


That’s encouraging! I’ll rub chalk on my hips next time to make it easier to see.

Just get a singlet that isn’t black or dark blue at the hips.

I know a picture doesn’t do justice to what people are seeing on the platform IRL, but…

That’s at depth. Win some, lose some. Very good effort overall anyhow.

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I believe colour stripes can also work to your disadvantage if not “aligned” properly. One other factor seems to be the thickness of the material. Russell Orhii made a video about this during his recent IPF comp (btw well deserved and awesome lifting IMO), and complained that the SBD singlet is too thin and might not create a too visible single hip crease or the crease curls upwards. So for his squat attempt he wore his usual all black titan singled. Plain dark colour, but the creasing seems to be favourable due to the thickness.

I honestly do not know what’s more advantageous, but just another point to consider.

I guess I can see that but out of all the depth calls I’ve had people disagree with and my own depth call it’s all from people in black singlets.

Maybe I’m just not familiar enough with SBD and those types of singlets because the majority of the people at the meets I compete at or judge don’t have those.

Sounds like he wants a squat suit