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25 Days of Chinups - Fail


I was so inspired by the Asian chick who did pushups for 100 days (https://giveit100.com/@estella/n70kcr) that I decided to emulate this but with chinups. Big mistake. On night 24 I got really wasted and went to bed. On my 25th day I woke up with INTENSE shoulder pain. I couldn't lift my arm above chest height. It was especially painful to push on things like car doors, car steering wheels and grocerie carts. Its been a week and its feeling much better but when I move my arm now I get a 'clunk' sound/sensation.

I remember about a year ago I got really wasted and my thumb got dislocated while I was doing simple pushups. Seeing as this shoulder pain came on suddenly with no warning I cant help but wonder if my shoulder somehow got dislocated and relocated perhaps during some rough sleep or something.

This also reminds me of something I think Paul Wade was getting at in Convict Conditioning. He says everyone should start out at the easiest progression and work their way up; even if its super easy. He says anyone who trys to skip ahead is destined for pain and failure. The main reason I didn't listen to him is he gives no solid idea of how long you should stay on each progression. Regardless of that he is absolutely right. If you get greedy and jump ahead the results are not good.

Here are some details of how I was doing the exercise. I was doing 2 sets of 6 reps. At first I was going down to what felt like the bottom of the movement, but not far enough to touch the floor with my feet. Then I read something about range of motion and going all the way to the floor so I started doing that. I'd be standing tip-toe with my hands on the bar, pull myself up, lower myself, rest a couple of seconds, and repeat 6 times. I've read about keeping the shoulders straight, taught, shrugged, or whatever and the way I was doing it just before I got hurt had none of that.

The questions I have are as follows.
1. What did I likely injure and how long will it take to fully recover?
2. What was the cause.
a. Going 25 days straight with no recover period?
b. Doing a heavy movement that my joints/tendons aren't ready for?
c. Getting drunk and dislocating something?
d. Poor form?
3. What do I do now? I've taken almost 2 weeks off and I think I'm starting to feel it. I don't want to excite the injury but I don't want to lose anything I may have gained.

Any insights on this would be most appreciated. :slight_smile:


Pull-ups are rough on the joints. 25 days straight of pull-ups, especially if you were doing them on a straight bar, is going to be rough on the shoulders. Where is the pain located (front, middle, rear) in relation to your shoulder?


Thanks for the reply.

I’m using a straight bar with shoulder width grip. I would say the pain is in the middle.