25 and Low T, What to Do?

2 years ago when I was 23. I got tested for low T. After several tests, I was prescribed my choice of TRT gel or Clomid first.

My last tests 2 years ago were:

Total Test: 261 [300-1000]
Free Test: 95 [47-244]
FSH: 3.5 [1.0-8.0]
Luteinizing Hormone: 3.7 [1.0-6.7]
Prolactin: 8.1 [2.1-17.7]
Vitamin D: 30 [30-100]
DHEA-S: 172 [280-640]

I chose to not to go the medicine route as my symptoms weren’t that bad. All I had is a belly, moobs, and some ED. But my libido was good. I figured I’d start working out and lose some weight (about 30lbs overweight).

Fast forward to today. Have had trouble losing weight/gaining muscle, ED is worse, libido is dropping, depression, brain fog.

Total T 4 weeks ago was 206.

Just got new results:

Total Test: 282 [300-1000]
FSH: 5.1 [1.0-8.0]
Luteinizing Hormone: 5.4 [1.0-6.7]
Prolactin: 6.4 [2.1-17.7]
Vitamin D: 16 [30-100]
TSH: 1.95 [.36-3.74]
Free T3: 3.7 [2.2-4.0]
Free T4: .95 [.76-1.46]

So what should my next step be? Will Clomid help with any of my symptoms? From what my doctor told me its a temp drug to jump start T production? But online all I hear is, is it increases your numbers but doesn’t do anything for muscle/mental/sexual health?

As for what caused the low t, no doctor has been able to find the cause. The best guess is high dose of prednisone for months (I have crohn’s disease) was the cause.

Your LH/FSH are good and don’t seem to be leading to particularly useful T levels. I doubt SERM will be able to help you long term. DHEA-S is very low. That could be the major issue here. Your T4 is also low, please read the thyroid sticky.

So DHEA is something which needs to be treated, i am also a newbie and learning so i will wait for someone more experienced to chime in and advise you on the next step. You should see an endo though and get your labs looked at. You could also supplement with DHEA but i’d not advise in things i don’t have first hand experience at. However Vit D is something i do have experience in, you should supplement 10000 iU ED. Vit D is essential for optimal hormonal function.

Please read the thyroid sticky and take temperatures. You should be hitting 98.6 or close in the afternoon.

Best of luck

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Yeah, your second set of labs concerns me. The LH and FSH is slightly higher than I would expect to see from someone who is secondary hypogonadism.

Are your testicles in good health? No hydroceles / varioceles?

Your TSH is good, but could be lower, consider supplementing iodine.

I’d definitely supplement vitamin d3 and dhea.

Prolactin is good, tumor is unlikely.

I’d say your tests are somewhat inconclusive. You could certainly try a SERM (I would) and if that doesn’t work, you can fall back to T injections.

You also don’t have your E2 levels. High E2 levels could contribute to what you are seeing.

Good luck and welcome aboard.


BTW, yeah, there are reports of clomid not working for people, but I think that’s a combination of 1) not addressing other issues (e.g. thyroid) and 2) not managing E2 levels. There’s also inherent bias in that people happy with SERM therapy generally aren’t posting on TRT boards, they are happy, out living life.

Check my thread for an ongoing clomid sucess story (so far, 6 weeks in, very happy) …

At 25, DHEA should be high. That suggests a problem where the adrenals are not producing much DHEA. In USA you can get DHEA 25mg on the shelf. Low cholesterol can be a cause too.

You are vitamin D deficient. Take 6,000iu maybe 10,000 every day with a meal that is not high fiber, better with some oils/fats. Take DHEA same way.

I have repeated some advice given above.

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prednisone can trash hormones and destroy connective tissue, you need to allow months to recover before stressing connective tissue.