25, 5'9, 158lb & Looking to Compete in Physique


Looking really good man… at least better than your stats suggest (not sure if that’s good or bad). Inb4 @Irishman92 asks you where dem legs at

You are/can be lean which is good tho for a show you’d need to cut down a bit more.

You should be adding mass on as per physique judging criteria so like fuller chest, popping delts and lats. Developing these will enhance that “physique” kinda look.

Hell at 158lbs @ 5’9 you need more mass everywhere you concentration camp looking motherfucker lel. Maybe at a low level you can get away with it but the higher in competition you go physique dudes are getting bigger and juicier, even bigger than old school bodybuilders.

Up the dose if you are on and/or get on a decent program while in a surplus and make some gains everywhere with an emphasis on the physique muscles. Where are your lifts at e.g. squat, bench and deadlift?

Learn how to do all the poses in physique as well so that you/we can see how you look in them and the weaknesses there.

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What would you expect out of those stats haha
So in order to compete natural as men’s physique i would need to keep putting size before cutting?
Emphasing chest and lats
PR are 308 squat
205 bench \and 325 deadlift

Pretty much. You could shave, tan and rock up right now depending on how competitive you want to be. Probably bigger arms too because who doesn’t want big arms?

How many pull ups/ how much weighted pull up can you do?

Progressively overload that shit and the gains will come.

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Shoulders, Chest, Lats, and Arms. Does it really need to be said? If you compete like this it’d be incredibly intimidating for you and a complete waste of money.

Yeah definitely lats! And calves (I’m assuming you have them…?)

Lucky physique guys get to wear them long ass boardiz. Although if physique is just the start OP, I would invest in them wheels (again assuming you have them).

What is OP sir?

Ah sorry buddy, OP means Original Poster. Which means you.

I do train legs I will provide you with leg pictures tomorrow


Those aren’t leg pics; they’re Instagram fodder (like the rest of your pics).

You’re making the fundamental mistake so many people asking for feedback make–you’re posting pics you feel are maximally flattering of your physique, when what you should post are pics that are maximally revealing of your physique. So if you want useful feedback, post appropriate pics–front and back full-body shots, taken with direct (not overhead) lighting. Stand against a white background. Turn on the camera’s flash. Roll your shorts up to expose as much leg as possible. Face the camera squarely for the front shot, and stand squarely away from it for the back. Do a double bi, or simply keep your arms down and flare your lats. No filters.


I understand, will do

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dmwlknmxwlxd!here it is sir

Better. But next time, see if you can get someone to take them for you. (This is especially important for the Back shots.)

You have good structure, and no glaring weaknesses. (Although it’s hard to assess your back, given the awkward selfie stance you had to adopt). You’re very lean–maybe too lean, unless you’re actively prepping for an impending contest. With a proper prep, you could compete in novice Physique right now without embarrassing yourself. However, a little more overall size would go a long way towards improving your final standings.

On the other hand, to compete in BBing (you mention Physique as being a ‘first step,’ so I assume BBing is your ultimate goal) you would need to add a fair amount of size in order to be competitive.

So: If you’re dying to get on stage and/or compare yourself to others, find a local contest with a novice Physique division. I’d say you could be stage ready in 8 weeks, maybe a little less. However, if you want to be truly competitive in Physique, skip competing for a year or so (prepping crushes a natty’s ability to make gains) and focus on lean-gaining some mass. With another year’s hard training and proper eating under your belt, you will be much more competitive.

Whether you decide to compete or lean-gain, if you need guidance, there are several good coaches available on T-Nation. (Disclaimer: I am not a coach myself, nor do I have a financial relationship with any coaches.)

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weirdest back pose I think I’ve seen on here. And he did it 3 times so it seems he thinks it’s a good look. very interesting indeed.

i’ll be constructive. I agree with basically everything EyeDentist said apart from the ‘maybe too lean’ thing. That’s kind of a thing that I think varies from person to person. I stay as lean as you year-round. I’m unusual, but you might be too if it’s easy for you to stay lean. That being said, you definitely need to start eating more, and if you DO sacrifice your abs for a little while, it’s not a big deal. That’s ok.

@EyeDentist @flipcollar Gentlemen,
Thank you for your answer
I am sorry but I had nobody to take a picture of my back and I never take selfies therefore had no idea on how else to do it.
I do not think by any mean that this is a good look
I am willing to wait to get on stage and grow
I would love to actually build up strength

May I ask any of you two for guidance regarding nutrition and training because besides eating more and train hard I do not know what to change and how to implement it
I do take pride in staying lean but am willing to put this aside for a little

Looking forward to read your answer

Unfortunately, there are no ‘one size fits all’ answers regarding training and nutrition. (If there were, we would all be training and eating the same way.) The challenge is to figure out what sort of training/nutrition regimen works best for you. What have you done that’s gotten you this far, and is there a reason you don’t want to continue down that path?

I’ve always gone with high frequency training trying to enhance the big 3
Regarding diets I go with 1lb of protein per lb or bw
trying to figure out if fats or carbs are better for fuel
Shayann Vaezzadeh

If you enjoy the way you’re training, and feel like it’s productive, stick with it.

One pound of protein per pound of bodyweight might be a bit much–maybe cut that back to one gram per pound. :wink:

As for whether you should eat more fat vs more carbs, as lean as you are I would suggest you have plenty of room to increase both.

The guys saying you need lat work are nuts. Your lats almost tie into your backside and they look pretty thick. I’d say your back is your strength… work on how to pose though as you clearly dont know how to use this gift (are back poses a thing in physique?)