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24yr Old, First Blood Test, Low T High LH


Hi guys,

Just got my first blood test done as I have felt I've symptoms of low t. Results were:
Albumin 42
FSH 3.6
LH 9.0
Oestrodiol 67
Testosterone 13.4
Prolactin 212
TSH 2.38
RBC 5.07
WBC 6.1

I think that's all the main ones anyways. I would like your opinion on the matter, is my test too low for a 24 year old male? Weight training 3 days a week full body workout with 2 days boxing for 30 minutes.

Also diet is alright nothing spectacular but getting the calories in, growing but slowly as expected anyway but that's not my reason for posting on this. Anyway just would like to hear what you guys thought. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Provide reference ranges. High LH with low T can be primary hypogonadism or you may be suffering from varicoceles.
Also you can have pituary tumor as your prolectin seems high. E2 is also doubtful
Reference range will be helpful for knowledgeable guys here to get insight in your problem


I’ve found it quite hard to find a decent reference point. I was hoping some guys on here might have a rough guide. From what I know LH is 2.0-8.8 , Oestrodiol is .90- something FSH is 1.5 - 12. I know I’m on the lower end of certain levels but not sure of what. Definitely on estradiol as it has low beside my result on my test. Also I know test is low(ish) considering I’m a relatively healthy male.

My problem is my doc said everything is normal, but ranges are just taken from general public not age specific etc.

Sorry for the lack of knowledge but that’s what I was hoping to get from you guys.

Thanks again


Call your doctor’s office and ask for a copy of the blood test report. They’re bound by law to give it to you.


Yeah I have it .I posted the results already,but I don’t have any ranges to compare them.What I have found I’ve low normal fsh tsh low t for a young healthy man and low estradiol which was listed as low on my test results.


Buddy you dont put units of these tests and ranges also if they dont give you refrence ranges and units please test from somewhere else and then post herevyou can then have meaningfull inputs from guys