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24yo TRT Dosing Protocol - Sub Q, IM, Gel


Hey guys i know i dont post very often but do read over here quite a bit it would be great if someone out there could help please,
quick rundown, im 24 just started trt 2 months ago with testogel low T symptoms for the past 2-3 years safe to say its been awful part of my life, anywho been prescribed this and am wondering what the benifits of a sub q to IM are as i dont want gel to incomvinient, i got my apt on monday and want to tell him im not keen on the gel any tips?

also this would be great help, they could never find what was wrong with me, i pretty much self diagnosed myself, but im left wondering why? In regard to what has set it off, whats the basics bloods i should request? Thanks for your help in advance