24x24x1.6 Lifting Tiles

Hi All,

Finishing up my home gym and hit a snag. Anyone know where I can find two (2) tiles that meet the above mentioned specifications? I only need 2
To compete my deadlift platform and the link below that I’ve used is out of stock. I’m trying to replicate these guys but only finding 4 packs:


Also, I experimented the other night and but some under my Titan T2 71’ power rack. They go beyond the confines but the rack can rest on the mats. Is it advisable to buy additional mats and use them under the rack? Pics to follow.

Just buy the 4 pack and have some spares for when deadlifts ruin a couple of them. It’s like spare roofing tiles; having some extra never hurt anybody

I’ce been told that if I use the same mats I’ll use for my platform, under the rack, that “it will take something away from the platform”. The person who said that didn’t mean literally taking away a tile, he meant something else, I guess?

I’m guessing-independent of that quote, it’s probably even advisable to use the mats in the pic in my rack? That way if I drop weight while doing DB presses or selmtbkng, I’m protected?

I assume he meant stability. In a perfect world, having your rack resting on concrete will be more stable than on squishy tiles, but I would just cut out the foot imprints rather than taking them all out… personal preference really.

It likely makes little to no difference whether you keep the tiles under your rack or not to be honest, but it’s your gym so experiment with it and see which you prefer :slightly_smiling_face: