24hr Hormone Urine Test, Help Interpreting

Im 30 yrs/old at the time I took this urine test my doctor had me on 25mg clomid ED and .3mg A.I ED and 50mg DHEA ED

Now he is switching me to Testosterone cream 200mg ED and HCG with no A.I for now and he is leaving me on the DHEA

I am concerned about the cream because I have heard that it raise DHT which can lead to loss of hair. Rite now I have healthy long hair and I love my Hair so it really concerns me. None of the men in my family are bold they all have there hair even in there 60’s and 70’s.

Also my doctor told me to apply the cream to my scrotum after the shower but I was wondering what if I go to the gym later in the day and want to take a 2nd shower will it effect how much my body will absorb the cream? Will it wash off or something or will it be absorbed by then??

In the mean time I was wondering if anyone could go over these results with me as well?


Unless you already had the gene that causes male pattern baldness you should not have to worry about the elevated DHT. As for washing off from what I remember I’m pretty sure my doc said 2 hours minimum before showering but I’m not positive on that. Testim gel states 2 hour minimum, andro states 5-6. I would personally wait at the least 4 at the minimum but shoot for 8 before showering.

Huge difference between DHT levels in the blood vs DHT concentration in the actual tissues. It’s similar to how your cells can have a lower level of magnesium and you could have high normal blood magnesium levels.

You have to ask yourself what’s more important to you, living a life of low testosterone and having a lot of hair, or hair loss and being as healthy as men 20 years younger than you.

Hair isn’t that important

@rise80 thanks for the reply. I have been try Bf to figure out what’s wrong with me for the past year. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors and I feel hopeless. Last night I could not get my wood strong once agin to even have sex with my gf. I’m starting to lose hope this has been going on for over a year. I’m starting to belive that TRT does not work for me

@systemlord yes what you are saying is true but i mite have a better chance at controlling the DHT with the injection. What do you think or do you think it is the same either way?
All I can say is I have been going through this for the past year. And and i have tried everything that I can.

You can’t really say TRT doesn’t work for you yet. From what I read above you have only used clomid to try to jump your own production which doesn’t look like it worked. From what I have gathered in this forum that particular route doesn’t work for a lot of guys but is worth a shot if you can get your body to produce on its own. Your test is definitely down which needs to fixed and your E2 is in range but to me it still looks on the low side so to me it would make sense that you had trouble in bed. That was your AI keeping your E2 lower though. I would give the testosterone a shot. Like I said above if you have the gene to go bald your going to bald no matter what and yes the extra DHT from a cream may speed it up. If you don’t have the gene the elevated DHT is not going to make you go bald. If you feel more comfortable with the shots then get the shots if your doc will give them to you though that’s up to you. Keep in mind though that it is not going to be a quick fix. It will not fix you in the bedroom over night. Your going to have to work at it to get dialed in where you need to be and let things settle in. Good luck bro.

@rise80 thanks for the words of encouragement. They mean a lot especially when someone’s is in a rough place in life. Thanks bro

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This was the most depressing part for me. It’s ok to use Cialis or Viagra while you figure this out.

@anon10230041 I did and for the first time I took the whole 20mg usually I cut the pill in half but I really wanted that night to be special for our anniversary and it didn’t work and I was just disappointed in my self for letting her down again on our special nitght at that.

If your e2 is very low Viagra usually doesn’t work to well.

I read ur r now taking cream,HCG and dhea.

I would drop the dhea for now. How much HCG are you taking?

I’m waiting on labs now not sure wehere most of my levels stand at rite now but I do know last time I checked about two weeks ago . my DHEA was through the roof

50mg dhea is probably 4x too much per day, but I’m surprised that e2 isn’t higher.

LH&FSH needed. Do you have a history of Clomid monotherapy?

If you’re concerned over your hair you have to understand that the hair follicles are metabolically expensive. The “discussion” in that paper covers the requirements: glucose AND glutamine, nutrients, and a top notch vascular system. Since you seem to experience a degree of ED cialis might hit two birds with one stone - assuming your diet is very nutritious and you’re not insulin resistant…


If your diet is too high in fats I’d tackle that straight away.

@tontongg thanks for the reply bro. I’m strong to belive 50mg is also way to much as soon as I get these labs in this week I will show you how high my DHEA is.

And to answer your question yea I just recently came off of clomid mono therapy. It worked really great for me for the first 2 months and then went down hill. So no my doctor has me on testosterone cream 200mg ED along with HCG100iu ED and no A.I. But I feel like crap even worse then what I did on clomid.

Ok so I read the article you posted. I was kind of confused can you break down what this article is try to say in simpler words.

Also my diet is very high in fats. I guess that is something I need to work on wrote away. I’m glad you told me.

Quick question a diet that’s high i in fats what kind of effect can that have on the body???

I think that clomid slowly but surely becomes a problem if people see their e2 piling up, that or SHBG goes relatively too high. I’d advise proviron alongside clomid monotherapy but I’m not an MD, only a pharmacist who likes to experiment on the side.

A high fat diet non-ketogenic leads to vascular issues in many people. You see it being reversed by low fat diets as McDougall recently showed it with the first pictures of a fully healed artery (I don’t endorse the vegan diet bias that he has because I think fat was the culprit)

On a more intuitive side, a body that gets better at burning fat isn’t improving any (acquired) resistance to insulin which leads to a host of problems the moment you pour glucose into the system. Even worse with fructose which is why keto people are so afraid of fruit… but fruit is fine in people who have worked their way to a great glucose metabolism. Insulin resistance is associated with virtually every single ailment under the sun, starting with nitric oxide and a poor vasodilatation. Cue ED and Cialis

More specifically at the hair follicle level, the study shows how those follicles just don’t burn fat to grow. They need glucose and glutamine. Since glucose doesn’t operate well in the presence of fat, we can question such a mix in the diet. The fact of the matter is, any western diet is usually medium-high fat + medium-high carbs at every single damn meal. That’s quite dangerous in terms of insulin sensitivity, and as you age your metabolism declines = hair (which is demanding metabolically speaking) doesn’t duplicate as fast as before = baldness.

Obviously not ignoring the genetic part of it (50% of the equation just like all things genetics). We don’t call hair loss Androgenetic alopecia for nothing. Androgens are critical, SHBG is critical, insulin is critical, and even if everything is in check (which is very rare) you won’t have the perfect hair health of someone with the best genetics. It doesn’t hurt to try though.

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Hi Tontongg dude, just wondered what your diet specifically is dude, since you look quite Lean yes, are you Vegetarian no Meat, just fish? or are you a Vegan even? I was vegan for while myself, it was pretty ok. @tontongg

Just small quantities of animal foods… looks like this:

  • breakfast: buckwheat and protein shake, apples, lemon, seeds/nuts
  • lunch: rice and legumes +veggies
  • workout: fruits and dextrin
  • dinner: 8ish oz of extra lean game or wild fish +veggies and tubers

TDEE is a standard 3000kcal. What you see above has 150g of proteins, 30+ of fats, 500g of carbs and 70g of fiber -ish. So if I’m craving some fat I add small doses of olive/coconut/fatty fish/cocoa back in and I’m good to go. The best metric at 30yo is waking up very stiff in the right places…

Hi @zsub154, I was wondering … is this the urine test where you carry a jug around all day – and make sure every urination for 24 hours is in the jug?

If yes, do you know how much this cost?