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240kg Deadlift For 3


Heres a clip of me deadlifting 240kg:


It's weird how you put the little plates on the inside. Nice lift.


that was a partial dealdift poor form on the 3rd rep. what do the big white plates weigh what make are they.


Are those Granite Plates!


it was full deadlift i just draged it up my thighs. the big discs are mad out of wood, there from the ends of a roll of esb wire cable



You're competiting in the single lifts in Hercs this year right?


Good work bro.

My first viewing I felt you weren't locking out properly but after watching it again I think it's just the angle. The 3rd one wasn't great though, it almost looked like a hitch and didn't look like you locked it out.

HOWEVER, I can't deadlift 240kg for 1 so I'm not knocking you at all.

How does that equal 240kg though? If the white ones are wood, just curious because it's hard to get a good look at the plates from the video quality.


don't bounce the weight, I'd rather see you do one clean rep with 25 more pounds then that, if you want to do speed deadlifts use lighter weight. You're using the stretch reflex to help you lift the weight but realize that if you are training for singles like in a competition you will not have any except when you first dip.

Correct your form, looks like you'll injure yourself with a slight mistake. tweak that back a little and you wont be able to train for shit.

also your hips are coming up real fast without the bar moving. try doing deadlifts off a platform and don't bounce the weight. you'll see your poundages start to move up nicely cause you'll be able to handle more weight in the initital static pull off the ground.
stay healthy, laters pk


Um. More than 500 lbs? Not unless those wooden plates are made out of depleted uranium-infused mohogany.



Unless you're 4'2", those big plates are making the lift a partial and not a full ROM deadlift. Not saying that to denigrate you at all - hell, you might pull more from a lower position. But that is not a standard deadlift height. Nice work though.


the wood discs weigh 18 each, there's 6 20kg's (on the inside) 2x 15kg, 2x 10kg, 2x 5kg. 2x 2.5kg, plus bar 20kg


yea should be man, if there's still places left sending the form out tomorrow.


cheers man for the tips


Holy cow, those are 20kg plates on the inside? My bad, they looked like 15's next to those wooden ones. Training for the 18" deadlift for a strongman contest?



Judging from your form I would say that band deadlifts would be a big help to you, since you are weaker at the top than the bottom. Also try bringing your stance in just a little bit, the wider it is the higher the bar has to travel (when you do conventional). And that looked like it was higher than the standard 8 inches for a regular deadlift. Might be fine for a strongman competition if it is not a full range dead, but hopefully you do some training with the full range otherwise it will probably be a big shock to you when you do it. Good luck with the lifting.