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240kg C&J by 105kg Bedzhanian


At the 2011 Russia's Cup competition, David Bedzhanian, lifting in the 105 kg class, clean and jerked 240 kg, three kilos more than the world record.

Since this was not an IWF competition, Bedzhanian will not get the world record, but he did make the lift with ease (and with a squat jerk). He is someone to keep an eye on.

Here is a link to the video:



Am I missing something as the picture and the video look like 230kg??


Same here. Maybe no video of his 240 attempt?



Does look like 230 to me, although I have no doubt he's capable of at least 240.

Him lifting 237 in '09

A ridiculously easy 225 from the '10 European U-23s

And a close miss at 238 from the same competition

This man will hold the senior mens world record clean and jerk. His insane clean and jerk isn't enough to compensate for his (relatively) weak snatch though, unless he's improved it considerably.


its from Russian Cup in Moscow, he did 190 240 430 at that comp, also Mikhail Koklyaev won supers with 200 248 448!


You got a link to the results? If he's got his snatch up to 190 that makes things very interesting indeed.





Results here (in Russian!): http://ftamo.ru/_ld/1/113__2011_..pdf


Ah I see! Very impressive, Russia have a lot of choices for the olympics in the 105's that's for sure!


I doubt it. Until he does it in an IWF competition...he's on the sauce lol


What exactly do you doubt here? ninearms posted the results, he's on there as hitting 190/240. The picture he linked to clearly shows him at the bottom of the squat with 240 racked on his shoulders. I posted a year old video where he cleaned 238 and missed the jerk in an IWF competition. Given all that I don't think it's too far fetched to say we'll see him breaking the world record clean and jerk in an IWF competition.


tork94 found this but I stole it so I'm posting it

It's nice when there's enough pixels to see what's going on. Here's his 190 snatch too.


Really slick, looks like he could Clean 250-255 man!



All I'm saying is there's a lot of lifters that have posted big numbers but once they start doing it in IWF competition the numbers drop. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.


It's true, happens all the time. But this guy cleaned 238 at the -23 Europeans last year. I think he's the real deal. Really hoping Russia sends him to Europeans this year so we can see what he can do, cause I'm pretty sure it's still going to be Klokov/Akkaev going to London.


looks like he's gonna kick some ass after Klokov/Akkaev


New world record in the clean&jerk in the -105 class for this man. He just made it in the President's Cup, which is an official IWF competition. Just saw it on Eurosport.


yes, he did 183 and 238

natalya zabolotnaya also snatched 135 and 161 giving her the new WR total in the womens -75

interseting how there are only results for 75 women, 94 and 105 men...


President's cup only has mens 94 105 +105 and womens 75 +75 classes.


Here it is.