24 Yrs Old, Low Sex Drive, Can't Get It Up

Not sure if this is in the right area…but here we go…

Since I was around the age of 16, I’ve had symptoms of: fatigue, poor concentration (ADD), low sex drive, and poor erection quality (which was progressed into complete inability to achieve an erection).

At this point, my main concern is the complete inability to achieve erections. It’s very disheartening and frustrating!!!

After much research and process of elimination I am really convinced all those symptoms are connected and related to some kind of hormone issues. I’ve seen an endocrinologist and got a full panel of bloodwork done about 2 yrs ago, everything was within ‘normal’ ranges according to their charts. Unfortunately I don’t still have the results for that one, but I do know my total T was around 725. About a year ago I got a CBC test that included T, and it was also in the 700-725 range. Recently I had a blood test that didn’t include T but it showed I had mildly low vitamin D. I noticed on both of my CBCs from the past 2 years my total white blood cell counts were on the low end (3.9 and 4.0 I believe). I’ve been to a urologist who told me it was all in my head and sent me on my way with a viagra Rx.

On a possibly unrelated note…I’ve also been working out pretty consistently (weightlifting 4-5 days a week and some cardio) for almost 2 years and I have gained THREE pounds since I started. My muscles are bigger and more defined, but I can’t get rid of that belly fat!

I want to get another test done, but I don’t know where to go and I want it to mean something this time. The test I got at the endo. resulted in a $550 bill even after insurance! I’d gladly pay that if I was confident it’d help my problem. A few men in their 40s at my work use this anti aging doctor who gives them T and HCG & Dhea supp’s…I’m wondering if I should bite the bullet and go to him? I don’t know where else to turn, and it’s especially confusing since all my tests are supposedly within normal range. Any advice is appreciated

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1st - read all of the stickies

2nd - get all of your test results in your own hands.

3rd - post the results here with the ranges given by the lab so that we can review them. You can also compare those results to the blood test sticky ideal ranges.

do not start taking any sort of testosterone as your levels as reported seem good.

could be Estradiol levels, hypothyroidism, low cortisol, or all of the above (or something else).

did the docs ever test any of those things?

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Read the lab work sticky as well.

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How do you react to major stress?

You have had a problem since age 16, but we do not know how old you are now?
Prior to problem at age 16, did you have any car accidents, whiplash, blows to the head?
Testes ache now? Ached when 16? With a fever?
Are your testes small? Firm?
Describe diet.


Where do you carry fat and how has this changed?

Do you get cold easily?
Check body temp when your first wake, record for a few days then report here.
Do you use iodized salt? Iodine in vitamins?
Dry skin, brittle nails or hair?

What Rx or OTC meds are you taking?
What other health issues?
Mood problems, apathy, depression?
Social withdrawal?
Digestion/gut problems?
Using antacids?

Read the case threads of others to get an idea where all of this is going.

Viagra only works if there is desire, can’t work if libido is too low.

Please make sure that you respond to all of the issues.

I’m 24 now. For the record, back when I was 16-18 I could take horny goat weed & tribulus and be rock hard for sex. Now that stuff does nothing, but cialis or viagra will get me hard enough for sex but it still lacks the rigidity of a ‘normal’ erection (its more like my penis is way swollen up) when I use that stuff.

Another weird thing to note is that sometimes in the morning when I wake up and I have to pee really bad I find myself with a weak erection. Doesn’t happen too often, and otherwise no morning woods.

No history of accidents/trauma, no bike riding, etc.

The doc said testes are normal size, they seem a little smaller than what I’ve seen (but then again everything Ive seen is in porns). They are relatively firm. They don’t ache on a regular basis and never have. Once in a blue moon they have ached for no reason but thats pretty rare.

Response to major stress = not sure exactly what you’re looking for here, but w/ regard to work…I typically procrastinate until the point where I can FEEL the stress and them I get it done. If you mean like a death or something, it usually makes me sad and introverted/antisocial.

Age = 24
Height 5’ 11"
Weight = 178
Waist = 32 (measurement around my belly is about 33.5)

When I started college at 18 I was on relatively high doses of antidepressants (SSRI’s) and also smoking a lot of pot and drinking frequently. I gained weight, most all around my belly (‘beer gut’). I currently exercise on a regular basis and still do not appear to have lost any of that fat. I’ve never had a Bodyfat test, but by looks, almost all my fat is in my belly and some in legs. For 3 years I have been completely clean of drugs/alcohol and also have been of antidepressants for 3 yrs. I was convinced the ED was from the antidepressants but there was absolutely no improvement after I got off them.

I don’t get cold easily, in fact I am usually the one who wants the A/C colder when everyone else is already cold.

Skin, nails, hair all appear to be fine, not brittle or dry.

Meds & OTC = Advair for asthma, vitamin D, fish oil, occasionally gingko biloba. no multivitamin right now

I do use iodized salt at home.

Other health issues = mild asthma, fatigue (was actually diagnosed as narcolepsy at one point but then taken back and rediagnosed as ‘idiopathic hypersomnia’ - basically excessive tiredness that the doc can’t explain), and I would say self diagnosed ADD

Mood problems = recently in the past 6-12mo feeling more depressed…I have always been relatively shy and introverted

No digestion problems and no antiacids ever.

Thyroid = When I saw the endocrinologist he said my thyroid was enlarged. In the bloodwork he did, he included all the thyroid related hormones and said they were all normal. He also ordered an ultrasound of my thyroid to look for nodules, etc. and it came back ok.

Diet = High protein (trying to build muscle mass)…I try to eat at least my body weight in grams of protein daily. I don’t eat much fast food or junk food. Decent amount of carbs from oatmeal, pasta, brown rice etc. I don’t calorie count to a T but I am conscious of it and overall it’s a relatively healthy diet I think.

This may or may not be related but at age of 24 I still have very little armpit hair and no chest hair.

Thanks guys, and I’ll post up the test results I have soon.

Please get the thyroid lab report and any others and always retain. Post the results here.

Never accept normal from a doc. All that means is that you are not going to get anything done or understood. You have to actively manage your own health care.

Do you feel that you are awake and have energy in the AM, then crash later?

Start taking a good high potency V-vit + multi-vit, not from a pharmacy or department store. Should also have 150mcg iodine.

No I feel like I am never well rested. I can sleep 9-10 hrs and wake up still groggy and not energized (no sleep apnea, tested multiple times). I only feel focused and energized after I go to the gym, and having a productive workout at the gym requires me to take a preworkout supplement for energy.

Can’t seem to find the detailed test results from the endocrinologist, though that test was almost 2 yrs ago. I’m on better insurance now so hopefully more of it would be covered…what kind of Dr. would you guys say I should go to? Back to the endo? Or a urologist…? Neither of them were much help last time but I need a new test.