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24 Yrs Old, 5'8''


please rate honestly


Looks like someone does pushups.


i know i need to pack on lots of mass bt is there any thing specific that i have to focus on more???

also i know nothing about how bodyfat % is calculated, can anyone guess mine plz?


take a pic just like the one you just took, but hold up a shoe while youre doing it. seriously, it will help with realizing your actual dimensions, now it won't be spot on, but i would be able to know your bodyfat within 2 percentage points.


and 3 months before...


side relaxed before cutting


..... April fools?


no man...
y wud i?


Actually nice changes over your prep, I would guess BF% at bout 8%-9%, your chest is starting develop now its time to catch up the rest of the body. Work the shit out of your arms. Cant tell to much about your back and legs. Is this pic from a show?


yup the pic is from a local show, it was my first show
i know arms are my weakest bodypart, and i am working very hard on them, training them twice a week. it took me bout 3 months to get them from 15.5 to 16...
they are so stubborn now, i think they wont grow at all, no matter what i do :frowning:


CT has a cool arm training spill in the training lab, give that a try for arms. And just read everything you can on this site, get a solid routine together and eat to bulk, your starting from a good point as far as BF% goes. Is it agaainst your religion to eat beef?


Nothing like that, ive included beef in the diet earlier, bt the summers here are too hot, (temprature's around 50C)
hence eating beef kills ur bowels, therefore i have to get back on chicken.
I'll surely check out the arms routine.


What are your goals? You lost some baby fat from your before picture so congrats for that but nobody can really help rate an almost baseline physique. If your goals are in bodybuilding you have to wait until your developed more before we can start critiquing fine points.


Definitely some impressive progress. I won't guess your bf% because numbers don't mean a thing in terms of how you look. You obviously realize you've made strides, and now you need to keep going, pushing that yard stick further away and striving to exceed it.





50 Celsius =122 Fahrenheit

Maybe that explains some bowels issue...