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24 Yrs Old, 5'11", 247lbs


Hey guys,

What you all reckon ? My quad photo is when I was leaner, but not too bothered about my legs, General feedback is all I am after for my upper as it’s a point of weakness especially for my arms

24 YR old 247 lbs, 5”11


Not an expert by any means, but looks pretty frickin’ good in my opinion. Take this with a grain of salt since I’m smaller and fatter, but maybe work on the chest (seems a little flat). Can’t see your back or hamstrings, but your quads, arms, shoulders and traps seem decent. Certainly not carrying much fat, dependent on your goals…do you want to compete or just look good?


Great balance in your physique mate! From the pic it might look like your back is what needs attention but I bet you got plenty of good thickness back there, just have high lat insertion/origin points. Also for future good shave and your bf% will look about 5% less lol!, I don’t think photos show how lean you actually are. Respect. @adro1079


@jshaving thanks bro, I think I’ll post a photo when I’m shaved this weekend, such a bitch to get it all off, thanks but bro appreciate the feedback! I have photos of my back but my ass is in included lol :joy:.

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Thanks bro ! Yeah for sure I do have high lats, something I’m working on is building the lower lats at the moment to create a fuller back look.

Dude 100 percent hahaha, such a shit to get off but I’ll post one when I have zero hair :joy:

Thanks for the feedback brother!

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That is an impressive sweater man.