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24 Yrs old, 202, 6 Yrs of Training


Its been a long hard road, im a ectomorph


[quote]Capt.America84 wrote:
im a ectomorph[/quote]

Uh, no your not. Good job keep it up.


wheels? look’n lean bro


Good job, same chest split as Franco Columbo when he met Arnold, he filled it out eventually.


Let’s see your back.


Post required pics please.


You look great (from the one pic you posted), but you aint no ectomorph. Look at the circumference of your bones in your wrists. Mesomorph for sure.

But that aside, you’re looking great. Decent mass. Nice bf %. Post the rest of the required photos so we can see how well you’ve done on your back and legs. Stats?