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24 YO Male. Low T, self-administered TRT

Background info:

-age = 24
-height = 5’10"
-weight = 150 lbs
-describe body and facial hair = No body hair except legs. Sparse facial hair.
-describe where you carry fat and how changed = No changes noticed. Low body fat % entire life.
-describe diet - 1800 calories pre TRT. 3000 calories post.
-describe training - minimal training pre TRT. 4x/week lifting post.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? No
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed = Spare/non-existent pre. Every day post.


  • First Test 7/25 -
    Test % Free = 0.16%
    Test, Free = 0.39 ng/dL Range 0.40-3.00
    Test Total = 258.5 ng/dL Range 241-800

  • Second Test 9/06 -
    Prolactin 29 ng/mL Range 2-18
    LH 6.8 mIU/mL Range 2.0-6.0

Test Free+Total = 300 ng/mdL 300-1000
Sex Horm = 36.4 nmol/L 17.3-65.8
Test Free = 55.4 pg/mL 48.2-169.6

Test % Free = 1.8% Range 1.3-2.9
Test, Bio = 130 ng/dL Range 113-398


Brain Fog - Noticeable change within first 2 weeks. gradual improvement until AI/HCG was added. More significant improvement since then.
Depressive Symptoms - Huge change on the very first injection. Consistent improvement since.
Anxiety Symptoms - Same as depressive symptoms.
ED - Frequent pre. Significant improvement over the past month.
Lack of drive/motivation (Chronic fatigue) - Same as brain fog.
Sex drive - Non existent pre. Worked up to 2-3 times a week now.

Current protocol:

80mg Test Cyp IM E3D
250iu hCG SC E3D
0.25mg Anastrozole EOD

Daily Omega 3 Fish oil, vitamins, Vitamin D-3, L-tyrosine, Magnesium, Iodine

Dexedrine daily for ADHD

Basic bio:

Had low T symptoms most of my adult life. Finally made the connection between symptoms being related to testosterone this month. Went to my doc and it was the usual story. Bounced around to a bunch of docs, endo, urologists, ect for months. Couldn’t find a doc in my area so ran TRT by myself, everything pharma grade. Very noticeable improvement in ALL symptoms, feeling great overall.

Now that I’m actually able to think without severe brain fog and no motivation, I’d like to get some real bloodwork and get on a stable TRT protocol. I’m running my AI blind as my doc refused to get it tested. All the other relevant labs on the sticky was refused. I’m in a state that does not allow private testing as well. I’ll be able to afford to travel+get testing by the end of this week.


First bloodwork: 7/25
Second bloodwork: 9/06
Started TRT: 9/26
Started HCG/AI: 10/28


What to do to prepare for my first real bloodwork?

High prolactin causes? Dexedrine has some impact?

Whats a good dose if I’m running AI blind with low bodyfat %?

I’d like to tell my doc “hey, I ran this and would like to do it with professional medical assistance” but cannot risk him pulling my other prescriptions. I’d also rather not take 2-3 weeks off TRT just to get low enough levels for him to finally prescribe it. Any advice/experience in this area?

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Give the above a go then come back with more questions.

You seem to have been low T your whole life and appear to have primary hypogonadism. You could get a sperm count done to see what battles you are fighting.

If libido and energy levels are good, AI dose must be decent for you. Most guys need 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T ester, except for over-responders who crash on that needed 1/4th that amount. You can try more AI and see how you feel after 1 week of that as a steady dose.

Your prolactin suggests a possible pituitary adinoma that typically can drive secondary hypogonadism with low FSH/LH. But you are the opposite, so its not doing that. A MRI is used image the pituitary. Prolactin can be elevated by orgasms and cuddling babies and puppies, so avoid if you test prolactin again.

% body fat does not have much bearing on AI dose, many here are lean