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24 YO, Life-Ending Depression, TRT?

Hey guys, I am 24 years old and I am new to this forum and have only been reading about trt and anabolics for 2 months. The reason i am writing here is because something interesting happened to me.
I think I suffer from some form of depression because i have been laying in bed for the most part of the last 3 years… i have almost no energy and no motivation, even to eat, i only eat once a day most of the days, i can’t work and i feel i can’t get out of this mess my life has become.

So about 2 months ago a friend of mine picked me up and we went to his house, and later on his neighbor came over and at some point we started talking about fitness ( he looks good for his age, he is 47 and has a lean body) and he started telling me that he takes testosterone and that he took it allmost all his adult life and he starts telling how good it is when lifting weights and that it even helps with mood and depression. So thats when it really caught my attention.
So…long story short, i bought a vial testosterone enanthate and he even showed me and gave me a shot of 250mg and told me i should take another one in 5 days…

Keep in mind i dont even lift weights, i just did it out of desperation, anything that could get me out of this misery sounded good to me…

But then… i went home and started really thinking about this and i had no ideia what i was doing. I felt it was a really stupid ideia, what the fuck was i thinking?? and then i said to myself i am never going to do this again and take steroids…

The thing is, after 2 days i felt the best i ever felt for the last years, i mean i was amazed, i had energy, i could go outside without having a full blown panick atack, right away i slept better and i could think clear and i could deal with stress… i also started sweating alot during my sleep and woke up at night to change clothes, but lets just say i felt comfortable after all, and it all went like this until the 5th day.

After that it all went downhill again and i woke up the 7th day very emotional,
I had these strange hot flashes and it was so scary i felt i was gonna die, i felt some strange fear in me, i was even suicidal and started crying like a bitch in front of my girlfriend and her brother… yeah really embarrassing, they didn’t know what was wrong with me again…
But i held on, smoked some weed and after like a week i think, i started feeling better but was just going back to the old me, no energy no motivation and couldn’t sleep at night…

So i started looking into it and started learning about trt and all that…And i notice i have alot of the symptoms for low testosterone and i also have to mention, my balls never grew since a was like 14 years old, i also always noticed that i couldn’t get any girls pregnant either.

My current situation is, i dont get no more social welfare, i have no insurance so i can’t go to the doctor, i started looking for a job last week but its so hard going outside because i suffer from panic disorders and is like someone gave me a shot of adrenaline… i want to start trt on my own, but i am afraid of the rollercoaster effect and actually even doing worse, i cant get no bloodwork done at the moment or go to a doctor until i first get a job…
so at this Point its either trt and trying to get it together or lose my home.

Im thinking about taking test E 100mg on Mondays and Thursday’s
The Arimidex i am not really sure yet if i should have a regiment for it like e3d or just take it when i feel i need it…
also what do you guys think about the night sweats i was having when i took the 250mg??
And do you think if i take 100mg/Mondays and Thursdays will i hit a low by Sunday?

What are you going to do when you run out of that vial of testosterone, what’s your game plan? It will shut down your natural production and when you run out you will have zero->0 testosterone and you will find a new meaning of hell. Panic disorders could also be caused by thyroid disorders and low T, TRT is no magic bullet.

Are you aware of the dangers of being low T and the diseases associated with it? You need labs to determine an effective protocol otherwise you’re flying blind. My best advice get a job to pay for TRT, that’s your only option.

There a some guys who’s depression are caused by low T as well as anxiety, there are a lot of guys out there who are on these medications for depression who aren’t even aware the cause of their problems are from being low T. I’m was one of those guys.

You might try Defy Medical.

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Systemlord i have more then one source where i can get the Test from.
The problem is in my condition right now it would be really hard for me to get a job… i practically dont get out the house for 3 years, when i do is to buy groceries and i need to build courage to do it…I also lost 90% of my relationships with people(familie,friends, etc…)
I just want to be able to get out the bed… my head wants it but my body doesnt allow it…

If you do have a thyroid problem TRT will not work, if that happens what’s your plan? If you insist on doing it on your own 50mg twice weekly is the best protocol that’s good for most.

My advice is buy some 27 gauge insulin syringes and inject in shoulders, always use alcohol wipes to clean area to be injected and top of test bottle. Wipe clean test vial first then are a to be injected.

No advice on AI without at least pre-TRT labs, you might do fine without it or not. Unless your SHBG is low injecting twice-weekly will be fine. However obesity is linked to low SHBG.

It sounds like injecting once a week was not enough, when I was injecting once a week the last few days were difficult as I felt anxious. When I started injecting twice a week I felt consistently better every single day, if you have a medical need for testosterone it’s not considered taking steroids.

Also don’t be surprised if you sweat at night in bed like that for a couple of months and even if your face flushes bright red it is nothing to worry about as this is your body adjusting to the red blood cell increases.

You need to get your blood drawn four to six weeks after starting TRT, you still must monitor your red blood cell count and hemoglobin otherwise you could suffer some serious side effects from blood thickening. You can always have your labs done at discountlabs, you just can’t start injecting testosterone and not monitor yourself.

how u feel now ? I have a similar story to yours