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24 YO, 153 LBS, 4.6% Bodyfat


I don't have the required leg shot, so I guess I will just take this down. my fault.


1) Back double bi
2) Front whatever you want
3) Some leg shot

I think your physique is good judging from your misc pic.
Don't fuck up your rating by missing the mandatory shots.

//edit: Just add a leg shot(if you don't have one, make one) instead of taking it down. I'm not writing the stuff to blame you.
You obviously got a respectable physique, its just... it would be sad if you got blammed only cause you didn't up a leg and a front shot.


awesome physique, judging by your weight you are like 5'4 am I correct?


Actually I am 5'7".

I only got the wax done for my upper body because these shots are all the photo shoot entailed, so I legitimately don't have the leg shots of this caliber.. and you can't stay peaked forever. I apologize for not knowing there are mandatory shots. I could show you a hairy, watery leg. Lol.




Some of you guys are very easily fooled by LIGHTING. lol

Regardless of not having a lot of pictures, if I saw the OP out in public (and not standing directly under an overhead, high-contrast light source) I doubt I would think he even lifts weights.


Um, you can't create that shot with lighting alone.

I can show you the pre shot when I was 217 lbs at 40% BF if you want, but I'm not here to debate with random people on the internet. I was just looking for opinions on the shoot. I've got yours, and it's in the vast minority. Thanks for posting.


I dont understand how you're a level 4 and have been a member for over 2 years and post a single picture in rate my physique. We can't rate your physique without pictures of your physique.


Diet? Lifts?

Artsy pics are nice, but we need more to give you a fair rating.


who the fuck doesnt have a digital camera or now some one who does in this day and age wtf !


...? Someone forget to take their lithium?

OP, looking good man. Being 5'6" 150ish#s i know where you're coming from.

Keep up the hard work



maybe they should just have a post my physique part of the forum.


Rated a 1 because of the lack of shots and the fact that you are small.


5'7'' I hope you can pack on mass


People here don't care about hairy legs.

Is this kind of like when women look completely different than they do in the magazine? Fancy lighting, camera tricks, and maybe a little photoshop to get rid of the cellulite?


id be curious to see the preshot, also why would you ask people to rate your physique and then intentionally use lighting that makes it nearly impossibly to do just that? what was anyone supposed to rate the shawdow cast by your back and arms?

not an asshole just a little confused


I'm sorry, I don't post much, but this combination of words is so laughable I really had to point it out.


Good eyes.