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24 Years Old. Low T, High Estradiol, Low FSH

Hey Im 24 old Guy from czech (sorry for my english)
My blood work:
FSH: 1,16 IU /l (0.70- 11.10)
LH: 3.56 IU/l (0.80-7.60)
Testosteron 16.700 nmol/l (2.500-29.600)
Estradiol 150 pmol /l (0.00 - 206.00)

I had delay puberty.
suffer with gynecomastia type 1 and skinny fat physique. Most of my fat store in love handels and belly.
Height :194 cm
Weight:90 kg
Weist:96 cm

Body hair is ok.Area down to waist is fully hairly. I have nice thick beard around mouth but sides are still bad but still growing. Moderate chest hair.

I have symptoms of low T such brain fog, low energy lvls, no morning wood.

No medics or drugs used.

Do u have any ideas where is problem? Thanks

Your fsh and LH is on the lower side, as with you test levels. Your estradiol is on the higher end. Low test with higher amounts of estradiol isn’t a good combo. how is your diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels. If this is your hormone profile under ideal conditions I would suggest going to a doctor to get prescribed an anti e. Studies have shown in individuals who had low test and high estrogen, sampling by lowering estrogen you can increase your LH/FSH which in return will increase your test. Estrogen is extremely suppressive of the pitaury gland.

Thank you for answer,
my eat habits are quite normal, 6-7 meals in day, lot of protein low in carbs moderate fat. I did not exercise in blood test times. My stress lvls are quite normal, not afecting me at all i think. I sleep 7-8 hours a day, but low quality. I often wake up in early morning hours before alarm.
But my hormonal problems started in puberty time so i dont think that my life stile makes these problems.

You need further testing. Test again for the hormones you have tested for, also get your thyroid levels checked. Get your blood count levels checked as well. Id highly suggest a sleep apnea test for you. If everything else comes back as normal, I would say its due to excess estrogen. Now why your test is low with seems to be related to your FSH and LH levels. I would try getting an appointment with a endocrinologist to see what can be done to bring your FSH and LH levels up. If its the excess estrogen causing negative feedback as your estrogen is quite high especially when compared to your testosterone I would look into anti es. Estrogen should be around 18 - 36 in men with Normal levels. In other words for your test levels It should be around 18 to 20. if your test levels were around 27 26 then around 30. You feel the best with test around 24 ish.

Im thinking about anastrozole to control my estradiol lvls, but in my country its not possible to get it even you are postmenopausal woman with breast cancer. Can someone suggest another way ?

There isn’t another way to control estrogen other than lowering you T dosage. You might try calcium d glucarate and DIM, it affects free estrogen, not normal estrogen.

Thank you for advice but im not on TRT. That estrogen lvl is natural. I quess it could be some aromatase problem.

New labs, need help

TSH 1.74 mU/l
FT4 16,4 pmol/l
Anti TG 23 Iu/ml
Anti TPO <28
Kortizol 554 nmol/l
Hcg < 2 u/l
DHEA so4 297 ug/dl
LH 2,6 IU/l
FSH 1.9 IU/l
Estradiol 0,16 nmol/l
Prolaktin 8,1 ug/l
Testosteron 15,71 nmol/l
SHGB 22 nmol/l
Free testosteron 46,3 pmol/l

Sorry but i dont get a ref. ranges. Doc. presribe me tamoxifen 20mg daily 2x10 but im afraid that rise my e2 and not help me at all.
Anybody see any problem in labs that can make my e2 that high please?

Thank you very much!

We really need ranges, how are we supposed to know if E2 is high without a point of reference? Some guys just convert more of their testosterone into estrogen, the cause is the environment and probably diet. You do need TRT though, you should be more than double your numbers for testosterone, you will need arimidex to help control estrogen.