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24 Year Old Low Test, Two Past Cycles

I’m Jack. I’ve done only two cycles in my life. One thirty-day cycle of halodrol at twenty-two years of age, and a cycle of Primordial Performance Androhard for 12 weeks at 24. My PCT’s in the past has consisted of both Nolvadex and Clomid together, along with hCG at 500iu e3d while on cycle. I am currently a week or two away from my twenty-fifth birthday.

These are my recent blood test results. I had this test done during the process of planning my first cycle of injectable testosterone at 500mg/week with Testosterone enanthate. After getting these bloods back, I realize I am not ready for a cycle at all, unless I am committing to TRT or something permanent.

It should be noted that these results are fasted, while on a very healthy diet of whole foods, 1g/lb of body weight lean proteins, 75-85 grams of healthy fats from avocado, olive oil, almonds and flax every day, and carbs from sources such as sweet potato and quinoa. At the time of the test, I was on my twelfth day of DAA at 3.12g / day. My DAA supplement also has some Long Jack and Tribulus in it. I have also been taking a combination of ipamorelin + Mod GRF three times a day at a dosage of 1.5mg/1.5mg per shot, respectively.

My LH and FSH appear to be low. My Serum testosterone levels are also at about the base of the reference range. Unfortunately, it also appears that my blood glucose level is high.

With the way my body composition is… I would have never expected these results. I would really appreciate any suggestions

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You may want to black out your name in all the locations on the page…

Your bloodwork looks mostly fine…your test was taken at almost 11 am, but the values peak around 8 am so you are probably a bit higher on the scale. I wouldn’t worry about these numbers unless you are having symptoms.

Ok. I feel like my numbers should be higher. It bothers me, because I can’t think of a single reason why my T wouldn’t be higher. I use glass everything. I don’t touch receipts because of BPA. I take DIM. I lift heavy and hard on a regular basis. I have good exercise endurance.

Just doesn’t add up. Should I retest?

my test was 550 before I started aas now im on forever and wouldn’t rather have it any other way

also: diabeetus

free testosterone? Tsh? actually thyroid panel? prolactin? why didnt he test these things am i missing something?

[quote]iw84aces wrote:
free testosterone? Tsh? actually thyroid panel? prolactin? why didnt he test these things am i missing something?[/quote]

Hi. These labs were not requested by a doctor. I requisitioned them myself. I did it through a private online lab service that works with Labcorp. The test I ordered was on sale and did not include Free test, prolactin and some other things that I too would have liked to see. I thought that this test would still be sufficient to give me an idea of where I stood.

As for the diabeetus. I understand that growth hormone can have this effect. Like I said, I’m on peptides. Could this account for the high glucose? I seriously eat almost nothing with a high GI except post workout.

GH can create some insulin resistance and that is transient, clearing up after a couple of months. No need to panic.

Read the advice for new guys sticky. We need a lot more info!

We are not very interested in guys doing cycles, but we get to play with the mess if things go wrong. [I might be a bad mood today.]

PCT was wrong.

Hello, I just read that stick. I have a question, though. My PCT was just like he illustrated, except with the use of both substances instead of only one. I did:
we 1-6 Nolva @ 20mg ED
we 1-4 Clomid @ 50mg ED
hcG @ 500iU e3D throughout cycle, ceasing upon start of PCT.

Could you help me by elaborating on how it should have been done? This PCT is a copy of Michael Scally’s PoWeR PCT program.