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24 Y/O with Low Testosterone


Hello guys.

I will be turning 24 in June 2017. I was having problems attaining/keeping good quality erection. So I decided to get my Testosterone levels checked. I am not sure if I should proceed with Testosterone replacement therapy or not because tbh I am not sure of what I should do…so I decided to post on this forum. I think TRT might benefit but I am not entirely sure…again as to what I should do.

I remember correctly, my sex life was a lot better last year and has degraded now because of the issues. Erections have been normal over the past 2 weeks but I have been depressed and anti social, which does not make sense cause I was not like this before. Yesterday, I went to a party and I was so down and anti social there as well.

I have a prescription for 50 mg test every 2 week but I have not embarked on that journey yet.

Please help.

My results:
August 2016 - Total Testosterone (262-1593 ng/dl):670 ng/dl
Free Testosterone (9-27pg/ml): 12 pg/ml

After realizing problem with Erections:

2017 - Prolactin (<21): 24.8
Total Testosterone (10.3-29.5 nmol/l): 9.8 (without eating)

Repeat after 2 weeks- Testosterone (10.3-29.5 nmol/l) : 8.8 (With eating and in morning)
Free Test (175-700 pmol/l) : 207.8
LH(<12): 3.6
Prolactin (<21): 25.8
FSH (<7) : 2.5
Sex hormone bingind flobulin (6-25 nmol/l): 21


50mg every two weeks is worthless. It’s going to do more harm than good.

Your prolactin is high, you need to investigate potential petuitary issues. Talk with your doctor about that. You may need an MRI. If you have something like a benign tumor, then it’s a fairly safe and quick procedure that will fix your low T issues.