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24 y/o with Low T - Need Advice


Greetings, looking for advice.

Age: 24
Height: 6'
Waist: 34"

Weight: 220

Body and Facial Hair: I have slight chest hair in the center of my chest extending slightly towards my nipples. I have lower stomach hair and a patch of lower back hair. My beard is patchy at best.

Fat: I carry most of my fat around my torso and chest.

History: Shortly after turning 19, I started dating a girl, one night things got hot and heavy but had to end resulting in blue balls. The next day my dick wouldn't work. As an 18 year old, I freaked out and tried all sorts of herbal remedies to no avail. I then went to my Doctor who tested my T levels and thyroid. The results were "normal," I don't know the numbers. That doctor scratched it up to anxiety/depression.

For the next 5 or so years I have been virtually unable to get an erection. However, I could masturbate with porn but never had the desire to do so. Also if I was on vacation or drunk I could. To treat this I have been on every SSRI and many benzos and anti psychotic drugs on the market and am seeing a psychiatrist who believes I am bi-polar (I do not agree with this diagnosis). After the ever present Low-T commercials I begged my psychiatrist to test my T levels, the results were TT 301 (range 300 - 875).

My psychiatrist told me to go to my general practitioner. I was put on Axiron 1 pump each axilla. I faithfully applied the Axiron for 90 days before my next test, which came up 225 TT with the same range. I was then put on testim, 50 mg. After 3 weeks I was tested again with a result of 175 TT. My GP was baffled, and referred me to a colleague of hers who has experience with Low T. She prescribed me injections. 10ml once a week. Amidrex 1 mg once a week. That same day I had a much more thorough blood work which is listed below. My current regimen is also listed below.

Prescription Drugs:

  • 7ml Test cyp E5D
  • 1 mg arimidex once a week
  • 50,000 IU Vitamin D
  • 1000 mg L-Lysine twice daily
  • 300 mg Lithium once a day (this is being tapered out completely)
  • 25mg Hydroxizine twice a day
  • Generic Zyrtec (not sure the dose)
  • Flonase (not sure the dose)

-Labs: (Note: these were taken after 3 months of axiron followed by 3 weeks of Testim)

FSH 1.7I IU/L (1.55 IU/L - 9.74 IU/L)
CRP .56 mg/dl (L=0.00 H=1.00)
Prolactin 8.6(4.0 to 15.2 NG/mL)
LH 1.8 IU/L (1.7 to 8.6 IU/L)
ANA Negative
ES 19.8 pg/mL (Follicular phase 12.5 to 166.0 pg/mL)
TSH 3.04 (0.50 to 4.90 Iu/ML)
Sed Rate 1 (0 - 10 mm/HR)
T3 Free 4.04 (2.80 - 5.30 pg/mL)
PSA 0.56 (.01 - 5.40 ng/mL)
T4 Free 1.18 (0.80 - 2.20 ng/mL)
Vit B12 402 (L=239 to H=931)
DHEA S 572.1 (211 - 492 ug/dl)
Vit D 18.7 (30 - 100.00 ng/mL)

High Protein Low carb. Sometimes drink. Sometimes have some cookie binges.

Been lifing on and off for the past 5 years. Did P90x for awhile, currently lifting 3 times a week (starting strength).

Teste Ache:
Sometimes have some aching post ejaculation but I do not recall any specific time that was associated with a fever.

Morning Wood:
Since starting injections they have returned with a vengenace.

I would like some opinions on my current regimen as towards its effectiveness on my blood results.Further I was wondering if I should perhaps consider adding HCG (if my Dr. will prescribe it). I am not concerned with fertility issues but I have noticed some shrinkage which is concerning to me. For example, as I was typing this out I noticed my DHEA-S was quite high and I am not being treated in anyway for that. Is this something I should worry about? I would also like some opinions overall.

Thanks for your time, I wish I would have found this site years ago.


I implemented 250iu of HCG and I think it was for the best. I used to ache down there and not anymore! I’ve also read that it helps with libido, which has been the case for me. Im 26 and do want kids which is the reason I threw this in the mix to begin with. It most likely will increase your E2 levels so be sure to watch out for this and be ready to adjust your ADEX dosage slightly.