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24 Y/O Looking to Optimize

T4–>T3 conversion requires a good ferritin level and selenium is helpful, but only to the extent that levels may have been low.

Progress is good. It took around 3 years for my TSH to get back near 1.0

fT4 is strong, fT3 is weak. The low fT3 is enough to explain hypo effects/symptoms. So we may not have to count rT3 as a player on the field.

Focus your research on weak T4–>T3 conversion.

Thank you KSMan!

I will look into T4 to T3 conversion. I have been taking ElitePro Minerals, which has Selenium, for some time now so it should not be a limiting factor. I will check ferritin and other possible causes for the low rate of conversion.

What other strategies besides IR did you use to improve your thyroid function?

Also, any idea what a good iodine maintenance dose is?

Thanks Again.

Tested for ferritin and got:

147.1 ng/ml (30-400)