24 y/o Help with Lab Results

I’ve been struggling with most of the sympthoms that low testosterone has for over 5 years, I have low libido, ED, low energy, hard to loose fat. I decided to try and check my testosterone levels to see if it was the problem, the results that i got are:

LH 3.55 mIU/ml (0.8 - 7.6)
FSH 2.23 mIU/ml (0,7 - 11,1)
E2 130 pmol/l (0 - 206)
Total Testosterone 13.8 nmol/l (5.55 - 27.0)
Prolactine 10.3 ng/ml (2.5 -17.0)

Prolactine was 23.2 at first, but my doctor prescribed me some medicine to knock it back down. He also said that my testosterone was normal since it was in range, so I would like to know if he’s right and my sympthoms aren’t related to that or should i seek another doctor?

If your prolactin was high, he has probably prescribed you a medicine to control a pituitary tumor. These are less serious than they sound and respond well to treatment (as your seem to be).

Your E2 would be high for me, but others are fine at that level.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to see how controlling your prolactin will affect your T.

Read the stickies and become knowledgable on this topic.

Welcome aboard and good luck!