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24 y/o Female Please Rate


Just starting out on this website although I have been a lurker for a year or so. Recently started to get more serious with my lifts and diet but would like to know where I'm at. These pictures are not the best, and I have no clue how to properly "pose". Thanks : )








You look like a healthy 24 year old woman to me. Asides from that I cant really say much.


looking nice, what are your goals, figure competitor? stay in general good shape and look good??


Nice and toned, you would make a great bikini model.


tiny legs, if anything I'd work on that


A very good base. What are your goals? You've got good shape to your shoulders and arms. Traps, abs and legs are pretty lean and well defined. If anything, you may want to work on your lats to give you a more hourglass shape.



Now this beats Microbikini HANDS DOWN!!!!
You look BLAZING Tchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Your back is very well defined... you should post more pix


Looks pretty decent. Your legs look really unbalanced though. The left is a good deal larger than the right. Hip issues?


Thanks everyone for your honest opinions!

Eventually I would like to do a show or get into fitness modeling. I'm focusing more on my legs now.

Usually, for legs I do mix of squats (5x8), lunges (4x10), Bulgarian split squats (4x10), good mornings (3x15), and leg press (4x10).

What exercises would help me pump up my glutes?

I'll try to post some pics with better lighting in the next few days.




I think you could benefit from some added size all over, especially your legs.
Don't get me wrong, you're hot, but if you're serious about competing, you're definitely going to need to get some more shape to those muscles.



definition is nice overall, beat the drum again but: legs legs legs!

very healthy looking and you've got a solid starting point! keep up the good work!


squats for volume will get your glutes up to par. I like mixing it up with and and without a low box. Sit on the box and pause for a moment (stay tight) then shoot up. Bulgarians are great for development in the legs too. Don't discount sprints though, definitely one of the most effective ways to define.


Not bad! Looking good. I was going to say you need more upper body mass but then I saw the back picture! Uncharacteristically, I think you need more mass in the front (anterior delts) and medial head as well to give you more width. Posterior delt looks up to par though...

I agree that there is some serious imbalance in the legs. One is more defined than the other and the cuts differ as if you're favoring one when your squatting. Symmetry is important here.

I give you an 8.


I think your upper body looks good il give ya 7.5 out of 10
if ya had bigger breast id give ya an 8.5 =P
im just playing keep up the good work. your doin good and your body looks good and if you get your legs a bit thicker youl look even sexier


nice work looking good Up those leg press 3-5 sets go for 20 reps :slightly_smiling:


you can do high rep squats for faster growth to and You can use a smith machine if you know how to operate it correctly