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24 Y/O, Blood Tests


Alright, best luck bro!


I started noticing problems after cycles but stroked it off as my body adjusting to no gear. Things picked up again on cycle, it wasn’t until me and my woman started trying for a baby. I ran HCG then serm a few times, give it a few months but those first set of numbers is what I ended up with. Libido was dead I had ED sperm count zero, depressed feeling, no desire for anything, that made it impossible to even have sex lol

Been on ever since but still had problems dosing AI driving my E2 low for years… horrible symptoms. My protocol now is 125mg test no AI and well … I am feeling the best I have in many years, high libido, sexual predator, great skin now, gaining muscle again quickly and brain fog gone.

Last Labs shows my cholesterol is off, low HDL, highish LDL but that was when I had problems with the arimidex which I’m convinced has played a major part in that. Apart from that everything is good thyroid etc. Will be drawing more labs after xmas hoping my cholesterol has improved.

I would exhaust every possible cause before deciding on TRT for life, you are too young for that shit, there could be other reasons for you than just steroid abuse. Getting off the SSRI is a great idea. Its possible that you had low hormones causing the symptoms and that’s why u ended up on the SSRI to begin with ? fixing the hormones could eliminate the need for them drugs.


this is where the problem lies… what was first? low T which led to taking SSRI or taking SSRI which led to low T…there are few studies that point to heavy dosage of Sertraline leads to reduction of T in mice.

If I started taking SSRI because of low T, then I had to have low T in my 16 because that’s when I started to take SSRI (no AAS at that time). I would be really pissed of if I found out I spent 8 years figuring out what is the root of my psychological issues while the answer was always low T :smiley:


That’s something you may never find out without baseline bloods when you were 16… Its possible. Maybe drop the Sertraline, wait a while and recheck bloods ? keep me posted.


So it has already been 5th day I am rubbing the gel on myself :D. What I noticed is I am less prone to be stressed and anxious and thinking is somewhat more clear. Placebo or extra test? No idea. I will be checking tst next week to see what’s the absorption rate for me


Blood work after ~3 weeks using 5g Androgel 1%.

  • Testosterone - 38.15 nmol/l
  • SHBG - 26.8 nmol/l
  • LH - 0.40 IU/l
  • FSH - 1.17 IU/l
  • Estradiol - 108.2 pmol/l

What the hell? I swear I am not spreading it over bread.


You’re an outlier, over 1000 on androgel is amazing. The question is will this be attainable in the years to come forcing you to hit the reset button trying to find the right dosage on injections.

Your estrogen is only 29 pg/mL, perfect if there are no high estrogen symptoms.


Yes I was quite surprised the number came so high taking only 5g of gel (50mg tst). I am pretty sure the doc will be trying to reduce the dose. I will ask him whether we could try injection protocol because I think I will not be able to cover Androgel through insurance.

I definitely see improvements especially in psychological and sexual department. I can’t remember last time I felt so… alive


Now my friend. Go out and party. Safely. And enjoy your 24! And do the first pump!


Well I am probably reliant on TRT for life, it doesn’t feel like something to party about


So what.
People are reliant on thyroid meds.
Psychiatric meds.
Heart meds
So they should stop having fun.

Feel great that you decided not to live with low t.

You ever check prolactin?
Maybe you can get off your anxiety meds soon.


Yes, prolactin is in check. After I stabilise TRT protocol I will definitely be after dropping SSRI


I rely on food and water for life and to survive, I also need testosterone for life.


Yeah but it takes some getting used to the idea :slight_smile:


I was at spermbank today to save something for later. Huge disappoinment. They found 7 sperms from which 6 were dead. So Androgel reliably killed my boys. Pre treatment my sperm count was 40 million!

What can I do? I honestly feel amazing being on TRT. What can I do to restore fertility so I can shot the one load that will be saved???


FSH injections is the best method to increase sperm while on TRT.


Like HMG?

I started injecting 500IU EOD 2.5 weeks prior the visit thinking my sperm count will be over the roof. The HCG was a month past an expiration date maybe that was the case? Or should I increase the dosage and wait longer before next visit?

I will definitely discuss my options with the doc but would like to know your opinion too


Recently I switched to Androgel 1.62% two pumps a day - my T is down to 12.5 nmol/l. What the???