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24 with Dillema Post Blood Results

After trying to use Clomid to restart my system (post anorexia not post steroids, never did them)
im at 4nmol/l of T and 24 i am scared going on TRT

What should i do?
What is the best way to get TRT
Would TRT suppress my fertility
Is it For Life? Could I get off off it later on
Should I couple it with HCG Hormone chorionique gonadotrope for fertility
How high should I raise my levels

Thank you for your help

Hey, until KSman is around I would suggest reading the sticky they will help you understand a lot!

Also you need to post your lab results with ranges.

I would suggest attempting HTPA restart as per the sticky first if that doesn’t work you can look into TRT options, TRT does kill your fertility UNLESS you combine is with HCG. With the correct protocol you can get your T to the end level that would make you feel well.

You MUST read all the stickys to understands the full picture

On the others hand did you follow the restart protocol in sticky, you might have done a wrong restart

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

advice for new guys
HPTA restart
things that damage your hormones
protocol for injections
finding a TRT doc

I did the restart trial through 500mg clomid every day

-age 24
-height 5’10
-waist 32
-weight 150
-describe body and facial hair getting thinner and thinner
-describe where you carry fat and how changed easily put on fat around the waist area mainly besides a very strict diet and religious exercise
-health conditions, symptoms [history]
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever: no
– real dangers! see this http://propeciahelp.com/overview43
-lab results with ranges
-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets] 1,500kcal
-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training] daily
-testes ache, ever, with a fever?no
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections change: never have them anymore

Did you ever respond to my requests about iodized salt or posting your body temperatures?

I was thinking I did sorry I use iodized salt and my body temp is at 95farenheit

That is a very high dose of clomid, you should be doing 25mg EOD for 4-6 weeks while taking an AI. Please read the sticky

Sorry i checked its actually 25mg a day

also which sticky

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

Isn’t that what I just did though

Did you take clomid for 6 weeks then do lab tests? Did you lower the dose ? Did you take anastazol with the clomid? Did you tapper off the clomid and the anastazol?

If not read the sticky

No I simply did clomid and just trying to get off now
Couldn’t do anything else cause the doc didn’t approve

Do clomid for 6 weeks, do it 25mg one day one another off EOD! After 6 weeks you take 12.5mg EOD for 2 weeks then you take 12.5mg E3D for 1 week. You need to be taking anastazol with it to make sure your E2 doesn’t spike and ruin your restart! You must maintain 25mg EOD with anastazol. Do blood work after 6 weeks and you will be able to see how your doing. Please read the sticky it will help you a lot.

Honestly guys…when some1 suffered from anorexa you really think that clomid could get the natural test lvls back up for good?..I think you just gotte give it some time and it will get back to normal without the need of adding drugs`?

free test came back at 0.5…
The doc offered undecanoate or enanthate 2 weeks apart

he agreed to couple it with HCG
What are the differences during the two

Also could Anastrozol help with oestrogen,
Should I be trying to monitor estrogen while on TRT

Thanks in advance


Again you need to read the sticky!! You can’t inject once every two weeks… you fee horrible… you should be injecting twice a week… you need to inject twice a week + HCG + Armidex!! To get the correct dose you MUST MUST MUST to read the sticky that KSman has put up her for all beginners or else you won’t have the correct dose protocol and doctors will just screw your hormones… and you feel shit even with TRT

you must put your test results with the lab ranges. 0.5 doesn’t mean anything you must say 0.5 (0-100) or whatever the range on your lab is

Now go to TRT: Protocol for Injections READ IT ALL twice and come back and ask anything you want!

Ok so from what I understood I should go with 100/week split up couple with 250iu of hcg eod and 1mg of arimidex

Should I split arimidex EOD also?

50mg of test every 3.5 days and take 0.5mg of anastazol at the time of the injection. I do Saturday and Tuesday my test + anastazol Armidex. While I maintain HCG 250 IU EOD.

What are your lab results ? With ranges can you post them so people can give their opinion also?

I can’t see any total of free test… your TSH is 2.3 it should be near 1… you need to answer @KSman about idolize salt and body temperature so he would help.

Free T is 0,17ng/ml when the range for 20-35years old is 1-3,70

Spoke to my endo
He gave me 250 biweekly and HCG
He said he wanted to see how my estradiol would react first before to give me anastazol

I don’t really have much of choice but at least I can monitor how often I inject my Testosterone and divide the dosage right?