24, Low Test for the Past 30 Months. About to Begin TRT

Hey guys,
Had this forum recommended from the subreddit. I’ve read all the stickies and found them super useful.
Back in 2016, I went to the doctors about ED, low libido, and general fatigue.
Came back with these levels
FSH: 1.5 (2-10)
Prolactin: 175 mU/L (45-375)
Total testosterone: 6.0nmol/L (9-30)
LH: 1.8 U/L (1-10)
Sex hormone binding globulin: 25.1 nmol/L (13.3 - 89.5)
I had a few more tests with similar results. Got bounced around the system and ended up at an endocrinologist with a diagnosis of ‘mild secondary hypogonadism’. She recommended TRT but told me it would basically ruin my fertility (and didn’t mention HCG). My partner and I, want to have kids so I just left it and started doing everything I could to increase my natural testosterone production (I didn’t realise how difficult that is with secondary hypo).
A year later I got sent back to the endo (now a new one).
2017 results (after trying to raise my test with diet, exercise, avoiding xenoestrogens and supplementing with vitamin D and zinc).
Cortisol 363 nmol/L
ACTH 5.8 pmol/L (1.2 - 17)
Free T4 13 pmol/L
TSH 2.1 mU/L (0.3 - 5.0)
LH 2.1 IU/L (2-9)
FSH 2.1 U/L (2 - 12)
Total testosterone 9.3 nmol/L (9-30)
The endo said my testosterone was now ‘low-normal’ (lol!). He did say I should look into TRT as having low was bad for my bones etc. I asked about fertility and was told I wouldn’t be able to have children (again no mention of HCG/HMG). I declined and kept trying to raise my levels and began researching much more.

A few months back the effect of Low T really started to hit me. ED was being managed by cialis but the libido had died off and I was now almost constantly fatigued. Literally falling asleep in the afternoons even if I tried my best not too. I went to my family doctor but a new one had replaced him. Total dweeb. Told me that the previous doctors had ‘talked me into having low T’ and ‘You wouldn’t have stubble if you had low testosterone’. He only tested my total testosterone levels which were
Total T: 9.4nmol/L 30APR
Total T: 7.8nmol/L 02MAY
Total T: 11.5nmol/L 09MAY

I asked if I could be referred back to the endocrinologist as I knew I couldn’t handle these side effects anymore and would have to freeze my sperm and go on TRT. He refused me saying only one of my results was ‘below normal range’. Realising this doctor was useless I changed to one that specialized in mens health. (He’s been much better).

I did some tests with him and from researching had come up with my own list of things to test (which he was happy to do).
The results
FSH: 2.0U/L
Oestradiol <200pmol/L (<200) - Unfortunately they don’t do sensitive E2 tests in my country :confused:
Total Testosterone: 11.3 nmol/L (9-30)
LH: 2.0 U/L (2-9)
Sex hormone binding globulin: 29.3 nmol?L (13.3 - 89.5)
Following this, he referred me even though my test is ‘technically in range’. (This was the right call right? 11.3 is still pretty low for a 24 year old getting the sides of low T?)
I then had some sperrm counts done and came back above average which is nice! Lots of progressive motile sperm (130 million/ml).

I then learnt through research how beneficial HCG is and that it may infact protect my fertility.
I’ve had one more blood tests since the referral and am seeing my endo on the 20th of july.
20th’s bloods:

FSH: 2.4 U/L ( 2-12 )
Oestradiol: <200 pmol/L ( <200 )
Testosterone: 9.0 nmol/L ( 9-30 )
LH: 2.7 U/L ( 2-9 )
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: 30.8 nmol/L ( 13.3-89.5 )
Total Protein: 75 g/L ( 60-80 )
Albumin: 49 g/L ( 34-48 )

My question:
Am I a good candidate for TRT even with my young age? The side effects have me really needing it I think.
My current plan is to ask the endo for…
100mg test cypionate (i’ll ask for once per week but will self inject with 50mg every 3.5 days)
HCG. 500iu (2x 250iu every 3.5 days). I’m not sure how this will go since no one has recommended it and my mens health doc didn’t even know much about it.
I’ll also request an A.I such as anastrozole, again not sure how this will go. My mens health doc was happy to do any bloods for me whenever I want but we don’t do sensitive E2 tests so I’m not sure how I’m going to keep a track on my levels.

Sorry for the huge post! It’s been a two year process and I’m finally ready to begin treatment and have been fiendishly consuming every bit of info I can find on TRT over the past month. Love these forums and the support they offer!

To big a post? Did I scare yall off :sweat_smile:

Yes. FSH and LH very low. If you can’t get your pituitary going then you have no other acceptable choice.

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You can probably do HCG or Clomid/Nolva first since fertility is your main issue. If you do TRT, do it with HCG.

Freeze some sperm before you start, and or get your girl knocked up now!

Going on trt is a personal decision. Do lots of research. And I would try other options, like the SERMS before going to TRT, since your young.

I tried two months on low dose Clomid and my levels got to 400 but have dropped back down afterwards so I don’t think a restart will work.

Not super keen on being a dad just yet. Booked in with the endo to start TRT on the 20th and freezing my sperm with the fertility clinic on the 25th (if Everything goes well anyway!)

Interesting. I am going to take clomid on my own behalf from a UGL to see if it will help me with the same problems, its a shame yours didn’t stay raised, hope you make the correct decision.