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24 is the best show on TV

Did anyone see the 24 episode on the tele last nite? Man, that show rules! Jack Bauer is the ultimate T-man.

24 is hands down the best show in the history of TV. Nothing, I mean, NOTHING, comes close.

I have never had goosebumps watching a tv show before from being so hyped!!!

Kiefer is the man! So is the President!

What’s up with that NSA guy, he is making a good, “guy we love to hate.”

Yeah, you’re right. There has never been a drama that I have been hooked on, ever. 24 is the only reason I even watch TV. Yeah, and I hate everything about that prick too, much like Palmer’s wife last season. I would love to see Palmer kick his ass or something, not just fire him. That would be the greatest. Man, I’m hooked so much on the show that I make it a point to watch the reruns on FX as well.

I love it too. Far and away the best thing on TV in years. The only problem I have, and the thing that really strains credulity is how stupid Kim is. (And how hot! Did you see her in Maxim?) Jack’s wife in last years shows gets my vote as the person having the worst day ever. And Jack is THE T-Man.

the only thing I watch on Fox is the 70’s show and Simpsons

Better than The Sopranos? N f’ing way. The first season of 24 was pure cheese. How many times in a 24 hour period can a person be kidnapped and rescued? That in itself was so bad. Then, after all that, this season when he calls his daughter and tells her to leave the city she doesn’t listen? Wouldn’t she know by now that he may have some inside info? Corny.

Terri was only kidnapped and rescued once, and Kim twice… but the second one was possible since Nina was the mole who led them to Kim’s whereabouts. And yeah, Kim isn’t listening to her dad, but that’s also because she’s got that damn little girl to watch over (I do think they could come up with something more interesting than that, though) and she thinks he’s done with CTU. I admit, there are times where you’re like, “I don’t think this would happen in real life,” but who wants to watch a show about one man’s real-life 24 hour day? We’d see Keifer Sutherland reading the paper, sitting on the toilet, sitting on the cpu all day, and doing just about everything we do with our daily lives. The overly cynical people who don’t like 24, probably don’t like much else on TV… although I must say I think the Sopranos comes in second place. That is another damn good show.

Five-Oh I know you personally and know for a fact that you dont watch all the reruns on FX. You might have accidentally come across a rerun once or twice, but I’m the one that told you they have the reruns in the first place. To everyone else: everything out of Five-Oh’s mouth is a filthy lie.

Yes, you told me about the reruns two weeks ago and I have been watching them since. But I shouldn’t have to defend myself, and especially defend myself to a friend. If Jack Bauer were in my shoes, he would have shot you and then asked for a hacksaw long ago.

My favorite part was when that crazy little pimp, Chino slapped that hoe and was like “bitch where’s ma money?” wait,…what show are we talkin about??

I like the show as well. Another good one you guys might like is firefly on fox on fridays.


7lives exposed is the best show.haha

I’m a big fan of “Alias” as well.

I watched Alias but didn’t really get into it, but I have to say, Jennifer Garner is FREAKING SMOKING. What’s this crap in her bio about having a husband? >:-|