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24 Hour Membership Deals


My roommate was telling me that 24 Hour Fitness occasionally has specially discounted membership deals for certain segments of the population. He apparently got some sort of deal for workers in the county social services department. I called up the local 24 hour to find out more but they claim they don't know anything about this. Hmmm...

Are there any 24 Hour trainers or managers out there who can shed some light on the various promotions that are available right now? Feel free to post or PM.

Thanks for any info.


as master of most things annoying, i am familiar with the ins and outs of 24 hour fatness.

they have different deals about every 27 minutes. call those shitheads back and tell them your situation. tell them you are on a limited budget and will join when a good deal presents itself. tell them to contact you when something comes up that may interest you. then, just for shits and giggles, call them every day and ask them what deals are on for the day, if they have financing, and if they use 100% beef patties.

bottom line is that they want to sell you a membership.

for me, ask them why they changed from gay purple shirts to annoying red shirts. also ask what happened to all of those purple shirts.




This is some good stuff, too funny!


Thanks to your advice, I am now officially part of the 24 Hour circus, and with financing to boot.

Here's the official story on the purple shirts: the trainer I spoke to claimed they were made of some synthetic material (nylon?) that didn't breathe and got very hot so they switched to a cotton blend. Some of their trainers still have the purple shirts fyi. As for why they switched from purple to red, I reckon most people felt they were too ugly. Now you know.


OK. update guys. have you noticed the signs up on the walls that say something like this:

"have a question? ask one of our professional staff members in a yellow shirt."

ok. awesome. they had this sign up for several weeks before i saw anyone wearing them. that, in and of itself, is entertaining. it's as if they are advertising that you should ask but that they do not have anyone that knows. now, i have seen a couple of professionals wearing the yellow shirts. professional in the same way that that retarded girl on the fryolator is an executive chef, but anyway ...

my dilemma ... i really really really would like to ask them something, but i just don't know what. i have a few ideas, but ... my best one so far:

my name isn't smith. can i still use this machine to tone up?