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24 Hour Hormone Urine Test - The Gold Standard

One year ago, I took a dried-urine, 4-part hormone test from ZRT labs. The results were interesting, but the test is supposedly not peer reviewed and doesn’t carry much weight in the medical world.

The “gold standard” has always been the 24 hour urine test, where you collect a full 24 hours worth of urine in a plastic container which you keep in your refrigerator. I have wanted to take this test for a while, but was never successful finding a supplier of the test.

I did finally find a supplier and paid a premium for the test. The photos below are from the kit that I received in the mail.




Tomorrow is test day. I’ve been studying for this test.

I collected urine for a full 24 hours, keeping it in the refrigerator! I’m glad no one was around today as I didn’t want to explain why I had a jug of urine on ice.

After my last collection, I shook the container and filled a small tube with urine. That is all I will send to the lab. I always assumed that I would have shipped the whole jug.

The tube is currently in the freezer where it must be frozen solid before I can ship it to the lab.

I shipped this test back weeks ago and have still not received a reply. I bought the test from “drguberman(dot)com” and I am NOT impressed with them. I have called, left messages, and send multiple support requests asking for my test results. They answered once - telling me I would have the results LAST Tuesday. Since then, they do not reply to phone or email.

Unfortunately I didn’t read any of the reviews from “resellerratings” and other sites, otherwise I would never have ordered from him.

Since complaining, I have had MANY contacts from Guberman. I’ll write it off to a misunderstanding and a new employee handling correspondence.

I received the results from my test.

Discussion of the results will be back on my thread.

My results didn’t come with a guide … but I found one online.

can you workout this day?