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24 Hour Ghetto Workout



That's it, I'm moveing to the ghetto.

I absolutely agree that those guys' workouts are more impressive than 99% of the estrogen-mens' workouts at my gym...and they look better. No retarded bosu-balls or smith machines up in the hood!




That video was terrrrible.


This will come in handy next time im working the block''


Can I rap while I'm doing burpees on the jungle gym too?


if youtube just a forum for hate-speech?


Apparently so. I hadn't noticed that when I first watched. I doubt they would talk that way if they went for a walk in the hood.


What about the wheels?


Homey fence toss overs.

5-oh sprints.


Break yo' self squats


'In da Club Isolated Calf Raises

Bling Bling DeadBodylifts

Iced Out "ATL" (as opposed to Romanian) DeadBodylifts


They sure are functional though.