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24 Hour Ghetto Workout


Solves any expensive gym membership problems, and some of these guys are pretty big.


I've seen this. Just proves that fitness is a "business". and a gym may not be necessary for everyone.


Wow, this is so........so........so........crossfit.

edit: this is a cute thread and all, but it shouldn't be in the BB forum.


Were pushups on top of the bus stop cover really necessary? The ground just not ghetto enough for him?




but what about squats :open_mouth: ?


What would you do if you came out to your car and found someone doing dips on your bumper? That'd piss me the fuck off.


What if you came out to your car and someone was deadlifting it? I think I'd comment on his form first.....


I'd still be pissed but at least I'd be impressed.




considering half the guys on this site aren't even the size of most of those guys on there, i doubt they'd do much of anything



Way to go search function, nothing came up when I searched for the topic.




They look like bodybuilders to me. They also train to get larger muscles.

So.... maybe it's you who shouldn't be in the BB forum?


Oh my God..THE secret to getting huge.


Calisthenics to get large muscles?? You're kidding right?? Who shouldn't be in here again??

Yep they're ripped, but who gives a shit. You could go running lots, do heaps of push ups and body weight squats, core stability exercises, and get in great lean condition where you'll se your abs.

This is middle of the road PC bullshit; train with bodyweight only and you'll get large muscles! What fuckin shit. You really think people will get big only doing this stuff then its time to give up and move on.

Really, half the content in here, actually more, is absolutely fantastic and makes you challenge what you're doing with your training, come up with new ideas for how to train harder, and inspires you to lift heavier and harder every time you step in the gym. The rest is popularist bullshit by people out ego stroking and whining. This thread and the "hate t-alpha) thread are great examples.



Ouch.. true though.

By that logic, maybe I should go GhettoStyle now.


this is pretty ghetto too


The bumper on my car would fall off after about the 3rd rep. fixed.