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24 Hour Fitness


There is a deal at 24 hour fitness where you pay 700$, and you get membership for life. I have yet to check out the gym by my house, and I was wondering, is it even worth it?


check out the gym by your house! also, you might wanna make sure it's an all-club membership, that way if you move you'll still have a membership wherever you may end up as they are pretty much everywhere


Hey, I live in Vegas and go to 24. The Charleston location is pretty good. Dumbells go up to 150 Lbs. 2 squat racks, 1 power rack. It gets semi-busy in the morning/noon, but the ettiquete is suprisingly decent.

I've only seen "squat rack curls" performed twice in 4 months and rarely have to wait to use something. The only times I've been approached with advice was when I was in the wrong and could use it.

Stay away from Sahara/Eastern. I went there a few weeks ago. It was busy, and the whole gym only had 3 collars! I asked for more, only to be told that was it but more were on order. Why they don't keep 20+ in backup at all times I was too stunned to ask.

sully's from this forum goes there too. He knows what he's doing.


Make sure it is for All-Clubs, this means you can use any club nationwide. Also, the membership lasts 2 to 3 years and then you can renew every year after that for a set price (i.e. $50/yr)so ask what the renewal fee is. Nothing lasts forever, except aids and herpes.


I werk thurr. Yeah, one great thing about it is, if you get all club Super-Sport, you can get into all but one club in the US. All except the one Ultra-Sport in California, and for that you will need a Ultra-Sport membership, but who needs that! Many people up north get the wrong idea given to them by the sales people that All Club Sport can get them in anywhere, but the reality is, you can't get into the Old Q's in the South unless you got Super-Sport. I'm also a tad bit drunk typing this, hope whatever I wrote helps..


I think all of those corporate clubs are way overpirced and over-used. I know of a couple gyms not far from my house that are 99$ for a year. Or like 20$ a month with a small downpayment. I'de look thru yahoo or something and search for fitness clubs nearest your house and call around, I bet youll find much better deals then 24hour fitness.


Agreed. And I wouldn't take a salesman's or even a club owner's word for it. I would get in touch with other club personnel and more importantly someone higher up than the personnel of any particular club.

I've known a few people who has gotten totally screwed this way. Paid a huge fee for a lifetime membership that wasn't honored at other clubs, and some that have just paid for a year or two and not had that membership honored at other clubs, despite it being written in the contract that it would be. I have a feeling that this might be a fairly common scam, since I've heard it so often. By the way, the latter version of this scam happened to me personally, too.


It's a place where people comb their hair before entering the gym....if you want to call it that.


Take those $700 buy a used car and push and pull that around for the rest of your life.


They made me leave once cause I was doing deads w/o shoes.

That was the day I decided that there was nothing a "fitness club" had to offer me that I couldnt get at home.


Where's BFG? He usually has some interesting thoughts on 24hr Fitness or fatness as I believe he calls it.

It's a decent place to go and has all the equipment that's needed for a good workout. The one I go to has squat racks that are rarely used a deadlift station and an olympic lift area again hardly ever used and dumbells going up to 120 pounds, again hardly ever used.

I don't know how a "real" gym would be different? You can also play B-ball, swim or go the sauna. Not too shabby in my opinion.


Maybe your feet smelled? :slight_smile:


I'm not going to deny that possibility.

Although I'd like to think it somehow related to how awesome I am as opposed to how much I smell.


I've been working out at several in Portland, OR area for about a year with no problems. There are 13 within a 50 mile radius of my house. My membership includes all clubs, at any time. Each gym has a different atmosphere, depending on the clients. There is one close by that hasn't been updated and it is bit darker & dirtier than the others, but has 2 power cages, dead platform and allows chalk.

I pre-paid $609 for 3 years, with an annual renewal of $99 every year after that for life. This is comparable or better than the gyms in my area. The cheapest I have seen is $575 for 3 years with a $20 annual renewal. Hope that helps.



About 8 years ago I paid 24 Hour Fitness $450 for 3 years and then $48 a year after that. The only bad part is that my membership is only good at the "basic" places i.e. no racquet sports, running track, basketball, etc.

$48 a year is cheaper than I can build a decent home gym. The place is close, cheap and you never have to wait for a power rack. The Smith machine is always busy with instructors showing people how to do "squats", I cringe every time I see it. A gym is what you make of it. If you tried hard enough you could get a decent workout at a Curves but I'd rather not find out.