24, Head Trauma. On Clomid, Want to Know About Tapering Off

Hello, i have attached my lab levels of fsh, lh, and estradiol.

I have been on clomid momotherapy for a few months 25mg everyday… my testes respomded great, went from 350ng/dL to 950ng/dL within a week. But being that i had a concussion i would like to wean off of clomid. My blood levels while on clomid are as follows:
Lh 9.5 before clomid start, TT at 350
Fsh at 1.5 before clomid start, TT at 350
Lh 10.8 (out of range)
Fsh 4.5 in range (increased from 1.5 before clomid)
Test 950 on 25mg clomid
Test 350 not on clomid
Estradiol 49.6 highest range on the test

Based on the above, should i start takimg 1mg anastrozole/ week to see if it doesn’t help the estrogen level? Then get a test a week after startimg the anastrozole. If e2 is in check, shall i
Begin taperimg off the clomid?

My concern is that my fsh did not increase too much while on clomid, while lh did. Wh8ch according to the sticky, means i may be primary.

What do you think @KSman?

Also, i have read the hpta stickies, thyroid as well. I do take iodine amd selenium.

Thanks for the help

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LH is too high, so the Clomid dosage is too high. I suggest you to read up a bit on this forum about clomid. Guys often take 12.5mg or 25mg EOD.

While LH is high it is pulsate meaning your body gives you a shot and then it tapers down before you get another shot.
Because of LH fluctuates we use FSH levels to get more information. FSH is static so if it’s in normal range there’s a good chance LH is too. Based on your results you are probably ok.

However, if your LH is indeed high an AI will not lower E2 for the reasons covered in the sticky. To combat this one usually drops the dose from 25mg to 12.5mg. I did this, and like a ton of guys have experienced, my LH dropped but my T went up. At this point I introduced an AI and haven’t looked back.

Seems like your body responded well to Clomid. Minus any negative symptoms you may want to consider getting it dialed in and seeing if it will work for you long term. Also, since your body responded you are definitely not primary. If you were you wouldn’t have seen any benefit. To me it makes sense that when not on the treatment your production falls and points to secondary. Why that’s the case who knows but something happening with the HPTA rather than just testes. If you want to dig deeper you could get a brain MRI and potentially identify a cause, or just accept your body has changed and needs a bit of assistance to reach your full natural potential.

Good luck and hope you find your ideal solution.

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Wow, i didnt think lowering the dose would increase t… im guessing because it lowers estrogen conversiom? Ill reread that sticky and most likely cit the dose from 25mg to 12.5 everyday…

Is that a reasonable change to try before next bloodwork

I would consult with my doc before changing does/meds. However, the most effective protocol I’ve been on and learned from others is to take 12.5mg EOD. My guess is you’ll see some quick improvement cutting your dose in half, but it may take further refining to get really dialed in.

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Thanks guys, this has been ins9ghtful. Ill plan to drop the ai which may not be workijg anyways, ajd drop clomid from 25ED to 12.5 ED.

My doctor originally recommended i take 25mg 5 days a week. That never made much sense to me

Since dropping clomid to 12.5mg ED from 25mg ED, my testosterone dropped to 850 from 950. Free test is at 350.

So now i need to try to taper off, correct? Dr. Recommended to take 12.5mg every other day for the next two weeks and test again. If still good, taper down more