24 Hashimoto + Low Testosterone + Pre-Diabetes Type 2 - Should I focus on fixing T?

Hello guys.

My name is Dimitar and I’m from Bulgaria. My english is bad… but after i read about the 19 years old indian male from Canada and have seen the answer from @KSman … I just LOL-ed. We are small country in eastern Europe and we basicly have 2 big andrologists and I doubt that they can found the problem. Ye… its my T but why?

I’m 24 years old and i was very smart kid… I was able to do any calculations in classes before even the teacher finish writing the task on the desk… I was able to count, multiply, divide and everything when i was 6 years old. Currently I’m Mensa member BUT something happened when i was 14. I got taller, stronger with deeper voice but my concentration was shut down. For couple months i had enormous amount of physical endurance but after a while i started to gain weight and everything changed. My parents didnt care what’s happening to me… and i was begging them to start training judo… and so they finally allowed me to for about 15$ a month (so much, right?). So i was 16 years old… 6’3 and over 200 lb. Huge one, right? But i didnt feel as strong as i was right after i hit the puberty. 1 year after i was weak. My endurance got fixed a bit… but not my strenght. At this point i had problems with my concentration.

Well. In the next 5 years almost everything was the same. I had very good sex drive and yet my gains were bad. I was not able to get stronger. I felt something is not OK. So in the day of Mensa test… i had 3 energy drinks just because i knew that i can’t do shit without my concentration. I’m self learned developer and i took me alot to become a good one and my concentration was like 6-7 of 10 at this point. I knew it can get better but didnt knew what’s happening to me.

1 year and a half i get my first blood test results in my life and they were bad. My TSH was 8 (~1 to ~4) and they send me to the hospital to make some tests. My antibodies were 250 (0 to 30) and they told that i have Hashimoto and i will take pills all my life. So i started with the pills but my TSH get up to 15 in the next 1 year. They found out that i have low T and high blood sugar… over 6.1 (which was the maximum - can give you the values but i know you know them) and after i took glucose the values stayed high. SO they told me i have pre-diabetes type 2 and i must be careful etc. They also told me to take Glucophage pills (metformin) and i did but only for about month. Those pills are made by the devil… i bet on that - so many side effects.
My testosterone levels are 6.9 (9.7 to 26.9).

So… let me tell you about my symptoms and how fucked i am now. I will start from the worst ones:

  • my concentration is very bad. I cant do anything for more than 5 minutes unless I’m super highly motivated and that’s impossible, because:
  • i can’t feel anything - Its hard for me to get sad, happy or anything. I cant get motivated - I just dont care and this is bad.
  • brain fog - this is very bad when you are developer…
  • fatigue - i was not able to get out of the bed 1 year ago… now i need to sleep atleast 8 hours to feel close to normal and i’m “hearing” noises even when I just wake up? Feeling very tired after just a bit of excersise…
  • 6 months ago i had no chest hair - in the hospital they told me to take Andrositol… and now i have litterally 10 hairspring on my chest or less. Atleast i know what color they should have :smiley: Andrositol is the best… stopped it after 1 month.
  • losing muscle mass
  • getting fat (at the moment i’m about 282 lbs and I have muscle mass - i can make pushup etc… but after 5-6 of them in a row i’m out for the day. I was 320 lbs 3 months ago but lost them after watching dr. Jason Fung’s videos and theory about Diabetes type 2.

*I may have lower libido than before but basicly my libido is ok - i can have sex multiple times in a day - i have girlfriend and i had many before - my Willy was always ready in time. When i was 20-21 years old i was able to have sex more than 3-4 times a day but now i can’t or very hardly. yet i can twice… almost everyday
*My antigens are getting lower - from 250 to 200 ( last time checked 2 months ago). Since then i’m on gluten free and i expect them to be less than 200 the next time i check them. Atleast i hope but i’m not taking any pills for my thyroid. I just feel like i’m killing my thyroid with the pills and it also hurts sometime… its like my throad is getting dry or… i can’t explain it in english.
*I may be crazy but i feel like my balls are changing their size very often. Most of the time they are not as big as they maybe should be. My penis is average grower, but i feel like the case is almost the same as with my balls… sometimes it gets much bigger and harder and its not from the level of my errection - i know it. They are not enlarget in the same time (my balls and my penis). WHen my dick is hard and as big as it can get - my balls can be either small or big. The strange about this is that when they are small - there is not lot of skin also. Its very hard for me to explain this kind of shit in english - sorry. I may fool myself.

Thank you for reading and I hope than you guys can give me an advice on what to do now… should i fix my T levels or maybe try again with the thyroid pills… i don’t know. They are telling me that by not taking the pills i’m making it worse but i know how i feel and i dont feel good while taking the pills. I also think that there are multiple types of Hashimoto’s disease but this is another topic… I just don’t believe in my endocrinologists, because they are telling me different thinks. One of them told me to forget about my low T for now, because my thyroid is fucked up and i should first get my TSH below 4 and the best andrologist in our country told me that this is bullshit? Well he is endo-andrologists so i believe him… and yet. I will meet him in 20 days and he will probably tell me to start TRT. I wanted to ask you and this is my first time when i’m talking about this in a forum - @KSman - You just win my trust, buddy. Win my love now by helping me with an advice <3

Please… someone? I don’t know on what to put my focus. Which one should i try to fix first… Is TRT a good move?

I’m gonna show you all of my blood test results. The first ones were from a very bad lab. The biggest ones are from the hospital and i don’t think they have a good lab. Keep this in mind. The others are from good labs. One of the best in Bulgaria.

As I said - I’ve stopped my thyroid medications on 01.01.2017. I started with L-thyroxin 50, then 75 and then 100. This was happening after every TSH test. So… when i was at 100 i start feeling bad. My throad was dry and was feeling bad. You can get how good our endos are only by noticing that T3 and T4 was never tested on me. Those test were made from 3 different endos.

“Глюкоза” means “Glucose”
“Инсулин” means “Insuline”
Sorry for not adding this to the image.

@KSman I feel bad… i’m only 24 years old and no one is helping me from my family. Trying hard to fix myself and keep going up professionally. Please… give me advice on what you think I should do now.

Ive read the stickies and also for the iodine - I was taking lot of it. We basicly don’t have salt without iodine on the market (its hard to find). My grand mother was using lot of it and the most importantly - I’m eating A LOT of milk, yogurt and cheese. We had cows… I basicly cant eat most of the foods without cheese. Well… if this is the problem I wouldn’t eat cheese anymore. Its not like i can’t live without it but i love it.

If you want me to translate something from the pictures or anything else - just tell me.

Iodine in milk varies. If an iodine teat wash is used, iodine is higher. Some cows get salt-mineral blocks that have iodine.


If bread has iodine and you avoid bread to avoid gluten…

If T4 medication is not helping, you might not be converting fT4–>fT3 efficiently. Low ferritin can be one factor. Can you get desiccated thyroid that has T4 and T3 in it? TSH is released as part of a negative feedback loop that senses mostly fT3.

Another possible factor is T4–>rT3. If that is high, taking T4 meds simply increases T4–>rT3, fT3 blocks fT3 which makes you hypo.

HG was tested, but that is released in pulses with short half life. Should be testing IGF-1 which is released by liver in response to GH. IGF-1 is a better measure of GH status that GH itself.

Thyroid auto-immune diseases can be caused by inflammation that occurs with high TSH caused by iodine deficiency when there is also a lack of dietary selenium. Selenium is very important and all the more with your high TSH.

Your metabolism is low because fT3 is low and T is low. fT3 is used to regulate mitochondria inside of your cells, making ATP and consuming sugars and lipids. If you get hormones fixed, your insulin sensitivity should improve.

Labs: -please list these if you have them, or try to get them done
LH/FSH = 3.25/3.5
E2 estradiol
prolactin - 249 55-280 [high]
SHBG=7.1 low - this can be from low E2 and/or diabetic state

Prolactin can be from prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma. Should have MRI to see whats is there. If it gets large, it presses on the optic nerves. Then one can “see” a reduction of width of peripheral vision which should be near 180 degrees. The condition is easily managed with 0.5mg/week Dostinex/cabergoline. Prolactin directly lower LH/FSH via negative feedback. The growth on the pituitary can reduce LH/FSH secretion. These problems often show up when one is younger.

ALT can be high from recent training and sore muscles [injury] that have not recovered. Avoid this for labs next time.

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

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  • Thyroid Basics

Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

Was a needle biopsy done on your thyroid?
Effects of the Chernobyl disaster - Wikipedia
Most of the major exposure was over before you were born.

@KSman THANK YOU for the reply.

1. I don’t have any others blood test results at this point. Everything is already posted.
2. I’ve read this answer on another thread… i know you are using some kind of template and there is something that confuses me. There is a document reference: http://www.altmedrev.com/publications/13/2/116.pdf

So… there i read this:

Population studies have shown excessive iodine
intake may increase the prevalence of autoimmune
thyroiditis in animals and humans, increasing the risk
of overt hypothyroidism.

So… should i take more iodine or i have more than enough? Is iodine good or bad for thyroid

3. No. No one ever done needle biopsy. They have done ultrasound twice and it was looking bad, but nothing tumor like was found. Its with normal size.
4 I have made new tests on LH & FSH and they are on the last image. Both are below 3 now. The ones from the hospital are above 3 and i don’t believe them very much.

Your story sound very familiar. I would focus on thyroid function make sure that is where it needs to be. I am a firm believer that there are many that can’t convert T4 I would also talk to your doc about a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea