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24 Fans Help!


The other night, when I was setting up my DVR for something, I accidentally stopped recording on the last 10 minutes of 24 (too many damn season finales that night).

Could any good synopisizers (?) please lay out what happens in those last 10 minutes. We have up to the point where Jack is chloroformed. Our suspisions are that the masked men have something to do with the Chinese Embassy debacle from last season.

I am in the doghouse with my girlfriend and need your help --- though I'm sure there'll be plenty of abuse too. Oh well.

Idiotically Yours,


In the last 10 minutes, Jack gets chloroformed by some masked men. We then see him being pulled (beat to all hell) into a dark room by some guys where we meet the head chinese government man from last season. He says "you didn't think we would forget about you" and jack replies "why don't you just kill me." The chinese government man then says "oh jack, you're too valuable to kill." We are then left with the image of the back of a chinese shipping vessel which (I assume) on its way back to china.

Thats it!


Thanks a bunch.

Now as I was screwing up the DVR, I saw a brief snippet of Bill Buchanan and Karen summing things up re: The Pres. What was said there?


It was Karen basically apologizing to Bill for being such a hardcore b*tch when she first took over CTU. Bill said no problem, she said, i'll make sure you are still in charge of CTU. Bill then asks her out to breakfast, she says she has to go to meeting but she'll take a raincheck and that's it.

Of course more was said than that but you get the idea.


I've got season two on dvd. Anyone want to trade for season three?