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24 Beginning TRT - First Lab Results and Questions



The first mistake is thinking you could use HCG together with TRT without an AI, forget it. There’s not many who can get into the TT 1000 range without the need for a AI let alone HCG. Even without HCG in a few months you testes will start hanging again, the first 6 months after starting TRT my testes started hanging again about 20% less than normal.

TRT is going to take time for your body to adjust, it’s not going to happen over night. I’ve been on TRT (20mg EOD, no AI, no HCG) for 8 months and am still improving all the time. Muscles are really starting to take shape as of late. Just last week I started having my first bout of high E2 symptoms, backed off my 25mg EOD to 20mg EOD and E2 symptoms are gone.

Funny thing is I was fine on 50mg twice weekly but as soon as I switched to splitting it up EOD only then did I have E2 problems. If you were really serious about not using an AI you would have to shoot for 500 ng/dL and low dose HCG and maybe you could go without an AI, but why would you settle for that?

My testes burned and ached for awhile, but now there’s no pain and their hanging 20% less. If I decide to have kids at a later date I can always give HCG a try. You could give calcium D glucarate try instead of AI, it’s a supplement that rids the body of excess E2 perfect for E2 that’s barely above range.