24, 5'9, 158lb. Need Feedback and Motivations. Can't See Progress

Hei guys. I’ve taken this photos today. Could you please be so kind to rate my physique? I can not see progress and I have a healthy lifestyle and doing sports for almost years now. normally been very skin. I am trying to bulk up some muscles.
need advice, feedback, and motivation.
thank you so much!

edit: legs missing because no time to do that. i will post it as soon as i can. sorry

While laudable from a health perspective, ‘having a healthy lifestyle’ and “doing sports” are not conducive to building significant muscle mass. So I’m puzzled as to why you’re puzzled by your lack of progress in this regard.

If your goal now is to add significant muscle mass: Continue the healthy lifestyle (making sure to consume adequate calories, especially protein), do less sports, and spend the lion’s share of your exercise time in the gym lifting weights.

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You look like a skinny guy who lifts weights sometimes. We can’t judge progress because we have nothing to compare the pictures to. How much bodyweight have you gained in the last year?

Like ED said, it’s not really clear exactly what you’ve been doing, but “sports” won’t really build muscle. Eating plenty and training properly will. This is a very basic and effective way to eat for size. Follow any decent training plan for 12-16 weeks and you should make some visible progress.

Bottom line: If you’re trying to bulk up and the scale isn’t going up every week, you need to fix your diet. The good news is that at least you’re not really carrying a ton of bodyfat, so with the right training, your body should respond well to extra calories.

What was your starting weight/physique like + what kind of resistance training have you been doing?

thank you so much for the replies.
I trained in the gym but I never been constancy. many times cuz my job and more time because of laziness.
also, i’ve never had a diet. I am working on it right now. Lactose intolerance is making it quite harder than planned. In fact, all the diet examples I found on the internet, are with tons of milk.

as sports, I meat that i usually run in the morning. I also swim one day a week. but I feel like this has not a huge impact on my body composition.

To the contrary, these activities have very likely had a huge impact on your body composition. Almost certainly, they’ve caused you to lose muscle mass.

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You pretty much answered your own question in this paragraph. You are not motivated and your diet sucks. Nuff said. Before you can make any progress YOU and only YOU must fix this! Many people have tough schedules but find a way to fit it in. Its doable!
I have been training consistently for over 30 years and one thing is for certain, life happens! My motto is, people always find the time to do what’s most important to them.

well said,diet is number one and then put in the time in the gym. Results will come. Just take me for example. I finally started to eat and not worry about what i ate so much and hit the weights and look what happen.

good morning.
i am working hard and I will put consistency into it this time.
gym trainer gave me this program today. could you give me a feedback on this? Seems like I train antagonist muscles on the same day.
missing abs. he wrote some crunches during the bici/trip day.
split into 4 days. colors give you details.
monday: shoulder and traps
Tuesday: back and chest
Thursday: legs
friday: bicips/tricips and abs

i really don’t like this program. its kinda weird this way to train. i would lke to hear from you guys. which are surely more professional than me

Tbh as a newbie programming doesnt matter as much and pretty much any shit program will give you results provided your eating properly. That being said a good program wont hurt and it will benefit you in the long run.

what that trainer gave you doesnt even have a progression scheme and its just a bunch of exercises and sets. For example 3×10 Deadlifts randomly thrown in after squats and leg extensions is just stupid and taxing.

Pick a program from T-Nation ( I’d suggest doing this and stick with it for 12+ weeks )

Eat alot of protein,carbs and fats to grow. If you’re not gaining weight eat more simple.


Firstly, you don’t look 160 lbs especially at 5’9. A guy just posted a pic in the next thread is around the same weight but he looked significantly bigger. But if you were, weight doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you look, throw away the scale.

I’d minimize the cardio based sports as well. It is all about priorities. I played basketball when I was in high school and earlier in college, 4-5 times a week, hardcore conditioning and long games. It just takes toll on my body. Now that I only play basketball for fun like once every 2 weeks, gaining muscle mass is so much easier.

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