24, 5’10", 170. Suggestions for Improvement?

Hello all,

Have been training off and on for the last 6 years, have spent the better part of those 6 years with low T… and a sub par diet. currently on TRT as of 4 weeks ago and have really been trying to eat cleaner.as for development I think my main focus should be my legs followed by shoulders and traps/upper back. I think I am seriously lacking there. What do you think? Also I am aware I have poor ab genetics, I can’t stand that they are crooked lol

What lead you to pull the trigger on TRT at 24?

Can’t really judge your legs from the pics much. Based on your weight at that height and what we can see of your calves I would concur your legs are probably very lacking. Your upper body looks pretty solid so I would agree with your assessment.

Thanks for your reply… Intially for about a year I was tired all of the time, depressed and anxiety was through the roof. I could never keep a stable mood and my relationship was suffering. I went to the doctors and they prescribed anti depressants which didn’t help. My doc decided to check T levels and my TT was 382 ng/dL and my free T came back 53 pg/ml on a scale of (46-226pg/ml)… finally I had an explanation for everything I was experiencing. My free T was barely in the range and should be 3 times what it was naturally.

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Yes my legs are definitely lacking, most think I weigh a lot more than I do but that is because I don’t have the lower body to match my upper body. My main focus in the gym is going to be on my legs.

What are your goals? Just look shredded or are you wanting compete or do something like that?

Can’t judge the legs as has been said but if you know it’s a weakness then no real need to see them. Of course I would take some detailed pics for yourself just so you can gauge the progress of them.

Dang impressive physique for that height and weight. Surprised you got on TRT so early tho

Thank you, I really appreciate it. I just wonder how much better my physique could have been by now if I had a better diet, better consistency, and normal T levels. I made the decision with my doc to begin TRT as my Free T and TT levels were quite low… I was having a host of issues that were beginning to interfere with my life and effect those around me.

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My long term goal is to weigh around 190lbs, hopefully this will be accomplished by building better legs. I think I would weigh a lot more than I do now if I had the muscle mass packed on my legs. I don’t plan on competing, this is more of a lifestyle for me. I am a career firefighter so staying in shape is important for me. I do however prefer a more shredded look compared to a bulky look.

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Im sure if you do some powerlifting and strongman training you’ll get all your weakpoints up

I’m your same height. When I was looking as lean as you, I was around 10 lbs heavier but my chest, arms, and shoulders were not nearly as developed as yours. This leads me to believe that your legs could be a potential area of improvement to focus on @grinnin

Ah, didn’t see this before. I have several friends who are firefighters (one just completed his Smoke Diver), and based on what they have said, leg strength is an important part of their training (example: you’ve got to have strong legs to pick up a wounded person and carry them). So this would be even more incentive to bring up legs.

The guy who completed smoke diver has awesome conditioning, but his training mostly consists of deadlift (low 500s) and bench press (low 300s)

Yes definitely more important than upper body strength. I expect to see my legs grow quickly due to “newb” gains… Aside from deadlifts once in a while I can honestly say I have not spent much time directly training my legs. I am going to change this, I am tired of people not believing me when I say I weigh 170 lbs. I am content with my upper body though and measurements. I think last time I had measurements my arms were 16.5", chest 45" or so, waist 30" and I think my legs were 21" LOL.

As a side note: I have always wanted to be on the dive team, I took a Rescue Swimmer course through my fire department a while back and loved it.

Man, I have the same issue with my upper body. I’m around 205-210 at the moment, but my chest and shoulders look like a guy who is much lighter. My legs are fucking big now for some reason even though my lower body lifts aren’t great. Genetics I guess.

But yea, before taking a dive course, I recommend (based on what the guy who finished it said) to go in VERY conditioned, VERY well-rested, and VERY hydrated. He said that oxygen management was a difficult part, but techniques to manage your tank only get you so far. You’ll have to be in great cardiovascular shape. Also, the reason I say very hydrated is because he lost around 10 lbs of water during the whole thing even though he was hydrating as fast as he could

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Plenty of leg specialization programs on this site give one a go. I don’t really have a specific recommendation as my legs have always been a strength (trust me I have other weak points!). Just search on the site and go to town on one.

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I saw a video of Matt Wenning workshop for tactical populations and he said he prioritized sumo deadlift for first responders.

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Looking good, I also started TRT early, (due to college ball and PEDS, just never could break 400ng/dL with clomid/HCG multiple attempts.

Legs just hit them every 4th day, John meadows has some epic leg day programming. But a simple Clift note

1)Leg curl variant…2 hard sets
2)Leg press variant…2 hard work sets
3)Quad focus movement…some sort of intensity set (drops, reps pause, widow maker)
4) a couple sets of single leg work
5) RDL or DB SLDL for 2 or so work sets


Yeah you have a solid base so going for a while for general mass and strength considering your work, deadlifts and carries should be a part of your training. Something like Simple Guaranteed Size and Strength by CT or 5/3/1

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Any updates. Curious how your doing on trt. And how much mass you have gained