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24,000 Calories Consumed in 3 Minutes

Just thought I’d put this here.

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What the fuck did I just watch?

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Precisely what I was thinking…

Gas with oily discharge.

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Boston Loyd injects that much oil in a day

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I wonder what your poop is like when you down that much fat. Only one way to find out.

For the troops!

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Embarrassing, true story: I was moving apartments a couple years ago (I think around 2012) and trying to clean out my kitchen. I had this dried-pesto-mix thing where you just added olive oil, so I just made the entire rest of the bottle, dumped the contents onto some chicken and pasta and housed the entire bowl.

I had a series of enormous and horrific smelling dumps for the next week, to the point that I was intentionally going and using public restrooms rather than my own toilet because it stank the ENTIRE APARTMENT every time I evacuated.

I imagine he’s in for the same.


Where did you go? If my shits were lighting up the entire house to the point where my normal sense of pride is replaced with disgust, I’d probably head over to the vegan cafe down the street. They’ve got good coffee to get the whole process rolling along.


Lighting a match actually works. If you don’t have a fan in the bathroom though, you’ll obviously have a bit o’ smokiness to deal with.

I ascribed evil intentions to your choice here, and it made me laugh.

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I had an old girlfriend who kept a box of those oversized matches on the toilet.

It was never the same after that… why did they need to be oversized? Haha

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The hero we deserve…

You filthy beast shitting in a public toilet. The horror of that would freak me out.

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You can’t always know what is going to cause gutter butt.

Except for earlier this week when I made a ham onion and past its best by date hummus sandwich.

I was pretty sure that was going to ruin the area for a while.

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I found the hard way not to eat over 100g of bran flakes a day…

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Was SHE oversized?

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