23yrs Old, 4yrs of Serious Problems

I am 23 years old male…since 4 years I am suffering through serious health issues…leaking of semen with urine ( spermatorrhea), frequent night emissions, chronic fatigue, frequent urination, no sex drive, can’t last longer than just 2-3 seconds(premature ejaculation), no erection…but since 2-3 months my condition has been worsened…my hair start to fall badly…including body hair too…

I am not able to sleep in night,waking up frequently in nights and could not get back to sleep…it’s called insomnia…then I am also experiencing some weird black dots moving in my vision in bright lights…I did some research and I get to know that it’s called eye floaters…my weight has dropped from 55 kgs to 51 in past 4 months…going for pee in nights 2-3 times…

I feel mentally exhausted. .I can’t think, unable to talk properly, headaches, unable to concentrate in anything, poor memory…sometimes i feel like i dont have a brain or someone has disconnected my brain…i feel tired always both physically and mentally…no energy…did many herbal medications but of no use…I came here with lots of hope…Please help me guys…what should I do?

What tests I should go for? What doctor I should get consult myself. .I feel like committing suicide…
My height is 5ft 7inch
Weight 51 kgs

Some of what you describe is consistent with hypothyroidism:
Have you been using iodized salt, or iodine enriched dairy or bread?
Do you get cold easily?
Thyroid enlarged, sore, lumpy or asymmetrical?
Outer eyebrows sparse?

Have you had any lab work done? Post in list format with ranges.

Labs etc:
fasting cholesterol [could be too low]
fasting glucose
AST/ALT [liver]
DRE [physical exam or prostate]
CRP [C reactive protein]
AM cortisol
sonagram of prostate and bladder
urinalysis with microscopic examination

Any skin rashes? [when]
When did weight loss start?

Have you had a doctor address any of this?

You may have an infection of the bladder or prostate.

Thanks for immediate reply…
I have never used any iodine supplements in my diet…and about cold, I would say yes. .I use to get cold very frequently and easily. .no rashes
It was 4 months ago when I begin to get new things added in my long list of symptoms…losing weight is one of them along with hairfall, insomnia and eye floaters…i was taking some herbs at that time…I think they messed up everything in my body leading to some hormonal balance…I also went to a urologist today …he was exactly like you habe mentioned in your stickie…complete idiot!..

he didn’t bother to do even my testosterone level checked…it was me only who has asked him…but he just asked me to get my tt checked not ft or fsh or lsh…or any other tests which you have mentioned…he also did my dre (digital rectum exam) and concluded that my prostate is absolutely fine in every perspective but I don’t believe him…especially after how he reacted in my case…so I will first going to go for all the tests which you have asked me …hope I will get some way out from these tests…I will update soon

Please review my prior post in case you missed some points/concerns.

Take oral body temperatures to eval overall thyroid function:

  • when you first wake up, should be 97.7-97.8F, higher is OK, 97.3 is a problem
  • also check for 98.6F/37C mid-afternoon
  • see thyroid basics sticky

Iodine is extremely important.
How is iodine supplied where you are?