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23yr old, Low T, E2 & FSH/LH

Gentlemen, I’m posting this greatly concerned and overwhelmed right now.

23 yrs old
175 lbs
14% bf

Drugs used:
Hormones: test always, along with tren, deca, and NPP all at verious times in different cycles. 5-6 cycles in the past (within about 3 years). Ended nolva/clomid 4wk PCT with most recent on 11/11/11.

Nolva/Clomid: Always did solid PCT with generic pharm grade

Dutasteride: always when on cycle, and more recently on full-time, generic pharm grade, but have stopped for about 2-3 months now

Bromo/Caber: During dieting and when on tren, with generic pharm grade for dopamine effects

T3: 5-7 wks for last 2 cyceles (one in summer '11 and other in fall '11) with generic pharm grade

Current condition:
Libido: Is more or less fine, can masturbate multiple times a day if desired, as well as have sex multiple times a day. Get morning wood once in a while but not often.

Ejaculation: Watered down, semi-clear, about regular volume, no thickness and basically clear if happening twice in one day

Mental: Lack of motivation, focus, still desire sexual activity

Strength: relatively “ok” considering my lack of proper diet, rest, and consistant lifting routine recently.

Testes: Medium low size, require strong pressure to feel pain.

Nipples: small pin size droplets of dischare can be squeezed to surface when forced. but no continued dischaged when squeeze twice in a row.

I took the Hormone Panel for Females at Privatemdlabs. Ate at maintenance for 1.5 weeks before test. Fasted 12hrs before. Results:
Test, serum: 252, 348-1197
Estradiol: 15.8, 7.6-42.6
FSH, serum: 2.6, 1.5-12.4
LH, 2.7, 1.7-8.6

Selected OUT OF RANGE results from CBC and Comp Metabolic Panel (everything else “in range”:
Neutrophils: 36, 40-74
Lymphs: 51, 14-46

Please, please provide any input (post or PM). I plan on continuing with rest of my bloodwork at detalied by KSman. PSA and prolactin to start off with?

What do I do?! I have health insurance through my college. No records of any of the above on my medical records.

This is the blood work I was referring to above.

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

Based on more research, it seems as though prolactin, TSH, fT3, and fT4 are of most use right now. Can someone please confirm this? I would like to purchase these lab tests today so they can be tested for first thing in the morning tomorrow

I am also currently researching clomid restarts and gnRH (which I purchased but am not planning on using yet). Any input would be appreciated.


As of 3/9/12, 830am: TSH, tF4, PSA, fPSA, Prolactin, fT3. (note - no sexual activity for ~72hrs prior to testing)

Any input? Hopefully this gives a better idea of whats going on

Investigate the high prolactin (pituitary MRI?)…it is probably suppressing your T production.

Thank you VTBall34.

In addition to taking your advice and getting my pituitary checked, did you happen to notice my PSA levels? They seem to be darn near hypo (although my fT3 and fT4 are solid). Do you think my PSA would be one of the “larger” causes of most these results?

You need to go to wikipedia and figure out what PSA is…it doesnt appear that you know.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
You need to go to wikipedia and figure out what PSA is…it doesnt appear that you know.[/quote]

Oh man, my apologies I meant TSH

Your TSH is fairly high. T4 is on the higher end, which is good, but does not translate into a good T3 level, which is bad. Indicates a degree of pooling, so you should also test Reverse T3 to confirm/deny. This is mostly associated with low cortisol, so that would be helpful as well.

Lots of weird things going on here and not quite enough info to pull it all together yet.