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23's a Bad Number

A few questions

From what I have read I’ve come to the conclusion that gear shouldn’t be used if you are under 25 and have not plateaued.

I am still seeing growth by changing up programs alternating workouts and hitting muscles differently. A lot of people think gear is really bad for you and from what I have read there are side affects to everything which in turn you would have to take something to treat those side affects.

I’m 23 I’m 5’8 and I weigh about 205. I used to have a goal of getting to 230 lbs but than I realized that was stupid cause I could get there and just be fat. I am in the process of toning down and then just adding lean muscle mass very slowly.

Obviously diet training routine and rest and recovery times are all key to success. I want to use gear but thats only when everything else has stopped helping me grow and I have completely plateaued. I have been told bodybuilding is an old mans sport. Is that because it takes forever to get to that point where you actually need gear? Because I would love to take it but at 23 I’m too young and have a long way to go.

Also young kids and pro athletes using it that are under 25 does it even do anything for them? After 25 the testosterone production drops is taking it before 25 bad for you?

Sorry for all the questions I’m just a diehard weight trainer and can’t wait until I’m ginormous.