23rd workout - very nice!

Sunday 23rd November - General Workout - Week 6 - Day 1 - Lower Body 2 - Afternoon

Good workout! I’m finally starting to feel stronger and stronger, session to session. I haven’t felt this way in ages. Main changes - training smarter and more sleep!

WarmupCoreWork + Plyos

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

Back Extensions x8, +15lbs x8
Incline situps x8, +15lbs x8 with Russian twists to each side at the top, arms held outstretched in front with plates.

rest - 45secs
Low ankle jumps - 2x15
Med ankle Jumps - 2x10
rest - 1min
High ankle jumps - 2x5
Bulgarian Splitsquat ISO hold - 30secs each leg
Low Fullsquat Jump 2x10


Warmups - Powerclean + 5 HangPowercleans 89lbs,
Bar - a few hang powercleans and split jerks
Eye level drop jerks - bar 2x5

Rest - 2 mins

All with hookgrip, holding onto bar when racking.

PowerClean+ SplitJerk - 89lbs x2
PowerClean+ SplitJerk - 109lbs x2
PowerClean+ SplitJerk - 129lbs, 155lbs
rest - 1.5mins
PowerClean+ SplitJerk - 180lbs x 5 singles

I normally rack the bar with an open palm, today I held onto the bar, and it actually felt much easier, especially on the wrists.
In fact on some singles I kept the hookgrip from start to finish - from floor to rack, to top of the jerk and then back to the floor!
But it feels better when I remove the hookgrip after I rack it though.
Powerclean felt pretty easy. Jerks much more stable today, and my upperbody could lower it under better control. Eccentric strength is up.

Full Olympic Squat + Light Bands - RAW - in Chucks

Light Bands kicking in one inch off the bottom - wrapped around 25lb plate on the floor, with another 45 ontop.
Band tension - bottom 0lbs , top 120lbs (?)

Warmup sets
Bar x10, Bar+bandsx5, 95+bands x3, 135+bands x3
Tempo 10X0 rest - 2mins

185+bands x3, 205+bands x3, 225+bands x3, 245+bands x3, 265+bands x3

rest 3mins then
triple cluster set - tempo 20X0
135+bands - 3 reps, rerack/rest 10seconds, 3 reps, rerack/rest 10seconds, 3 reps

I did fullsquats today in chucks, and it shifted the stress to my lower back and glutes - bands probably adds to that as well.
Felt different. Chucks are an inch lower so I hit the safety pins on some reps and that disrupted things a bit - but that tells me I might have rounded a bit. Next setting is 3 inches down, which is not ideal.
Quite a bit of band tension, since they kick in right off the bottom of my fullsquat, and so I probbaly around 385lbs up top on the 265 set, but yet it didn’t feel that heavy. In the past I would have freaked out with the load pressing down on me.
I’m surprised I was able to explode 265lbs with bands up, it did slow down at the sticking point on the reps 2 and 3, but I still cranked it up. Top is still quite easy, but the middle was much harder with the bands - around the sticking point.

Bits and Pieces

Alternating sets between each exercise - 1min rest between

12inch Stepups
+12kg in dumbells 2x10 - each leg

Explosive GluteHam Raise on Incline Situp Board
2x5 - using hand to help

Supported Hanging Leg raise curlup extensions


Reverse Hypers
BW x12

mid torso fried!

Squats, step ups, glute ham raises, and reverse hypers in the same workout?!

If you can sit down without glute pain, I will worship you forever.

Good stuff man

yeah my upper hammies, abductors and glutes, plus erectors were damn sore for 3 days after.

But I do all those anyway most of time, so I’m used to it. I think the soreness was from the bands and me squatting in chucks which changes the angle of the squat. I normally squat in oly shoes which makes me squat much more upright.
I’m going to squat in different shoes for a nice variation :slight_smile: