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23rd Birthday Woes


I used to love my birthday, but this year I realized I actually don't..... Well, ok, I love the presents I got from my Wife, but that was it.

The next day I realized i'm a dumb ass who still hasn't graduated college and still doesn't even know what he wants to major in.

How worthless is that? Even my slacker friend is graduating this year with a useless degree, but at least he has a degree...

Birthdays suck.


It's a good thing that the life expectancy is getting higher and higher these days. Now, if you happened to be living 200 years ago and still hadn't accomplished anything, then you could whine. 23 is the new 13 these days.

You're young and will probably be working until you are 70, giving you 50 years of retirement haha.

Don't sweat it. Just don't do something you hate because you don't want to be stuck doing something you hate for 40 or 50 years.


Yeah, your life sucks because you don't have a degree, moron!

By the way, I'm a 29 year old college freshman, high school drop out who recently separated from from his wife and was literally homeless for a month last year. But what do I know, I love my life. Yours sucks.


Stop being a pussy. U.S. Grant was a failure at everything he did until the Civil War came.

You're 23. Not 53. Your life has not even begun.


Yeah... I don't completely agree with going to college at 18 and graduating when you're 22. I don't think most people know what they really want to do. For example, my Wife went to College, got a degree in Accounting and got her CPA, then she decided she hated accounting and never did it.

Although, even though i'm making $35+K a year I still feel like a loser without a degree... And chances are i'm going to until I have one and am making 6 figures, if ever.


HA! you old as shit frosh! I'm a 30 year old sophmore!


When I saw the Grant analogy--I thought for sure I was going to have to endure the story of Abe Lincoln losing like 10 elections on his way to winning the presidency.

Getting your degree will not make you a success. You will have succeeded in that particular endeavor, but nothing more. I can't even make myself feel sorry for you. I can't stand anyone who complains about what they don't have, instead of feeling blessed for what they do. It's always greener....



You honestly have no clue. Degrees or annual income do not correlate to happiness. There is no understood implication that upon graduation
a) you will automatically earn 6 figures
b) you'll be any happier than you are now


I was a 30 year old sophmore. I went back and finished my degree graduating at 32.


You think that's bad? I'm sixteen and if I had played my cards right, I could have been taking college courses by next school year. I'll only be able to get out of highschool one year early instead of two.




I didn't say my life sucks, I said I felt like a loser.

And good on you for going back to school. That's a big step, man.


Why does your life have to be about making six figures? What about experience? What about having a good time with what you got?

Does the guy with the most stuff at the end win? Did I not get the memo?


Woah, completely missed what I meant, but that's my fault.

I am very blessed for what I have and i'm very happy with my life. But i'm not satisfied and i'm upset with myself that I don't have a degree or even a direction that I want to head in yet, and my birthday just kind of slapped me in the face and reminded me of that.

I didn't mean to imply that I hated my life or my life sucked, not one bit. I love my life, but there are still improvements I need to make with myself.

That's all I meant and was just venting a little. :wink:


No, you're absolutely right, making 6 figures isn't as important as being happy... Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade happiness for money no matter how much was offered.

And it's not about the money, eventhough that's exactly what it sounds like from my post and it makes me seem like a shallow prick, and that's cool, it happens.

I want a degree in something I enjoy so I can get a job doing something I love - that will add happiness to my life. If I happen to be making 6 figures doing it, more power to me.


Hey man, I've been about in almost exactly the same boat. Here's what you do.

You probably have time to sign up for a community college class this summer. Do it, whatever the F that class is. Go see whatever psychologist that school offers, and be truly honest and open with your thoughts. Some people have some problem with psychologists, but I say F 'em, they aren't you and me.

If you have a problem with this, go rent Fight Club. Watch the scene where Tyler Durden points a gun at the convenience store clerk's head. Your limiting beliefs are in your own head. Take action, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Good luck, and happy birthday.


First of all Happy Birthday.

Secondly, I'm sick of all this shit, 23 and old??? Fuck I'm 27 and loving every minute of it. I have friends who think that they have to be married at 25, kids at 27 and own their own place at 28 to be called a success.
Do I want kids? Sure, but when I'm ready, not when someone tells me I should! This is the main reason so many marriages break down. People rush into this shit and don't do it for the right reasons.
I like what was said in Bowling For Columbine by the creater of South Park. He says that society puts all these expectations on you from the beginning and if you don't succeed in high school then your life is over. This is the biggest load of shit out there.
Do what you want as there is always time to settle down later when you're ready.


HAHA! You should feel like a dumbass...wtf are you doing married before you're 23? You are gonna have a lot other things to feel bad about at 30 I think...


Just because you haven't met the man of your dreams yet, don't hold that against everyone. Your next scrum might just hold the ekys to your future happiness. Now go out and grab some


Ok, so I didn't write this, but I could have. Except I will be 46 this year, and I don't got no stinkin' degree. Badges? We dont' need no stinkin' badges. I fucked around from age 15 - 30 and blew most of the opportunities I could have had.

Regrets, I have a few...... to quote Sid Vicious. But even tho my factory job is about to go tits up along with the factory, I'm still happy. Stupid maybe, but happy.

\|/ 3Toes