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235 by June 2012

I made a bet with a friend that I could be down to 235 by his wedding in June. First 2 months went by fast and I dropped ~20lbs. Started 299lbs. Now at 278 and steady every week. I’m getting stronger and able to increase my volume, but I have to become more consistent in the gym. Thus, workout log.

Mile 1- 6:02 @ R7
Mile 2- 11:28 @ R5
Mile 3- 8:44 @ R5

Upper Pull day

Shoulder width Pronated Grip Pullups
5x5 @ BW (min rest)
Wide Pronated Grip Pullups
5x5 @ BW (min rest)
Neutral Grip Pullups
10x5 @ BW (min rest)

Cable Rows
10x10 each arm @ stack (min rest)

One arm cable shrugs
5x20 each arm @ stack (min rest)

Cable Curls
3x20 each arm @ 45 (min rest)
2x15 each arm @ 35 (min rest)
2x10 each arm @ 35 (min rest)

So I recently started going high volume to see what happens. And for this workout all I had was a pullup bar and a cable stack. When I have time at work I go to their gym and I have access to plenty of toys and I get a much better workout.

Fuck dude you can cruise to that weight goal. How’s the diet? And you ever do higher intensity cardio like complexes sprints and intervals?

Your goal is VERY reachable WAY before June…

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Fuck dude you can cruise to that weight goal. How’s the diet? And you ever do higher intensity cardio like complexes sprints and intervals?

Your goal is VERY reachable WAY before June…[/quote]

I’m trying to keep from losing any strength while I drop the weight, which is still very attainable, but complicates things.

I try to do interval cardio twice a week. diet always get at least 300g P/day and I try to limit my C to under 100g (which is really tough). I try to limit my cheat meals to 1 or 2 a week (which is also difficult). I get most of my F from fish oil and olive oil, also get a handful of almonds or mixed nuts a day. Hard part is that I get hungry and want to binge. This saturday for college football I ate 2 packs of brats and a rotisserie chicken. But supper was healthy at least.

Since you asked about nutrition I’ll quit being lazy and try to log it.
1/8 cup oatmeal- 1P 6C 1F
Protein Shake with milk- 42P 30C 1F
Black Coffee- black coffee doesn’t count and wont be logged anymore, just assume I drink 3 cups/am


ATG squats narrow stance
-3x15 @ 225
-3x20 @ BW
Leg Ext
-1x100 thanks a lot tankman. I can’t walk
Calf raise machine
-1x80 @ 65 (back was cramping, so I wasn’t getting up to find weights)
-2x50 each leg @65
weighted situps on incline
-3x10 @ 25

PWO shake 68P 30C 2F

Late lunch
Icelandic yogurt 14P 11C 0F
Hummus 5P 20C 30F
crackers 2P 11C 2F

Protein Shake with milk- 42P 30C 1F
greek yogurt- 11P 9C 0F

Din Din is gonna be chicken, pad thai mixed veggies, wild rice. Looks like carbs are going way over again. Maybe I need to reassess the 100gC goal.

Total 190P 117C 37F

past 2 days off due to work.

Today Upper push/pull:
Pullups 3x5 @ BW 45 3x5@BW 25 4x5@ BW
SS w/
DB Bench Press 4x12, 3x10, 8,8,6 @100

DB rows 3x20 @ 100

Lat rows 5x12 w/ 3s hold @ 115

one arm shrug 3x10 @ 185

Hammer curl 4x10 @ 85,85,70,65

side shoulder raise
Bent over Shoulder raise
Arnold Press 3x10 @25

Interval cardio this morning.

black coffee a protein shake for breakfast

Upper body day

Pullups 3,2,2@BW 90, 3x4@BW 45, 5x5@BW

BB Bench 10@275 7@295 5@315

DB Rows 20,18,16@100

Hammer Curls 4x10@75

Lat rows 10,10,10,8,6@115

PWO protein shake

Snack: Hummus

Dinner was asian veggies, chicken and soy sauce

Fasting morning cardio steady state 20 min on elliptical

Protein shake and black coffee for breakfast

ATG Squats 4x10 @ 225,275,285,315

GHR 3x10

Leg Ext 1x100

PWO Protein shake and I hobbled out of the gym

Upper pull day

6,5,5,4,4,4,4 @BW 35,
5,5,5,4,4,4,4,3 @BW
3x5 @ BW with band assist

DB rows focusing on slow tempo
4x10 @ 100

Lat Rows
3x10, 8,7,6 @115

BB shrugs
20@405, 10@495, 8@545

Hammer Curls
20@55, 12@55, 10@55, 3x10@45

SA DB shrugs

Big 30s (3 sets @25)
Side shoulder raise, bent over side shoulder raise, arnold press

Yesterday- Ran outside.

Today- Knees killing me

am fasting cardio

DB bench

Work has sucked lately, but this month I have more time. I also will be working nowhere near my normal gym, so this morning was fasting cardio, pushups and pullups. Gonna look for gyms tonight.

Yesterday I got a membership to a golds nearby.

morning fasting cardio, situps, stretching

Afternoon upper pull

Weighted pullupss 5x5,4,4 @BW 45, 6,6,5,5,5,4,3@BW
Lat Rows 3x8@220 3x6@160
bentover DB rows. 20,15,12,8,8 @ 130
BB shrugs 20@405, 15@495, 3x8@585
Upright rows 4x8 @ 185
DB Hammer Curls 3x10,8,6 @ 85


OH squats to warm up
ATG squats 225x15, 315x10, 5x5@405
Good Mornings 4x8 @ 225
GHR 4x8
Leg Ext
Single leg squat

Today was upper push

Warmup 135x20 225x15
315x6, 335x4, 355x2, 355x2

Incline DB press
4x8 @ 90

Tate press
4x8 @ 80

Cable pushdown tricep ext
3x12, 10, 8x3

Friday: Upper pull

Today: Cardio


OH Squats 10@135,8@185, 3x5@225
Wide grip Pullups 4x3@BW 45
Side to side pullups 5x5@BW
shoulder grip pullups 6x6@BW
Narrow Grip 4x5,4,3@BW
Upright BB rows 4x8@BW
Cable rows 4x10 @ 190
Wide grip cable rows 3x10@150 3x10@125
Hammer Curls 10@85, 5x10@65, 4x10@45

Morning Fasting Interval Cardio


Close Grip Bench 20@135, 15@225, 4x8@275
DB Incline Press 4x8@85
Flies 4x6@55
OH Row/French Press 4x5 @ 145
DB military Press 4x10@55
DB Tri Ext 5x10 @ 45
Cable Tri Ext 12,10,10,8,7,5,4 @35



Wide Stance Parallel Squat 315x8, 365x8, 405x5, 3x3@465
Good Mornings 10@225, 3x8@275
Pistols 5x5,4,3,3
GHR 4x8@BW
Leg ext single leg 4x6 @ 180, 30,20,10@135
Leg EXT both 1x10 @ 135
Hammy Curl both 4x20 @ 90

Waddle out of gym, 1 brutal rep (damn stairs)

Following. You’ve got 235 in the bag man.

Hmmm, I posted my workout yesterday, it never showed up though. Lets see if I can remember.


Shoulder width Pronated Grip BW 90 (4x3 I think)
Wide Grip BW 45 (4x3 I think)
Soulder width Pronated grip @ BW (4 or 5 sets of 5 or 6)
Neutral Grip @ BW (4 or 5 sets of 5 or 6)
Band Assisted 3 sets to failure

DB Rows 15,11,8 @ 130
BB curl did several sets working up to 185 for 4x6
Cable Rows worked up to 4x8 @ 200
Hammer Curls 2 sets @ 70 2 sets @ 65 (reps were between 6-8)

Friday: Heavy Bench Day

was trying for 4x2 got up to 385 for a single but poor form. Backed off to 365 ended last set with a triple.

Military Press. 3x10 @ 185 10,8,6,3 @ 135

Shoulder was feeling a little funny so I just did some pullups and finished with cable kickbacks.

On a side note I met a dude at the gym that’s an old powerlifter. He’s pretty cool and very willing to help

Got to the gym at 5:30 and found out they close at 6, not 7 as I had thought. Therefore- Tabata Squats

135 lbs on the bar.
20 reps 10 sec rest
19 reps 10 sec rest
18 reps 10 sec rest
17 reps 10 sec rest
16 reps 3 min rest
15 reps 10 sec rest
14 reps 10 sec rest
13 reps 10 sec rest
12 reps 10 sec rest
11 reps D-U-N

Leg Ext
30,20,15,11 @ 135

Leg Curl
30,20,11,5 @ 90

20 min workout

Had to lean the seat back on the way home to keep from cramping.

got hungry after that workout. Heres dinner

12oz mixed veggies cal 120 P4 C20 F0
1 cup Greek yogurt cal 150 P23 C9 F0
With 1 scoop whey cal 140 P27 C3 F2
TunaGuac cal 280 P34 C6 F13
Protein Shake cal 220 P42 C27 F2

still hungry so I had:
cup of oikos cal 120 P12 Carbolin 19 F0
Protein shake cal 220 P42 C27 F2
Almonds cal 170 P6 C5 F15

Total cal 1420 P190 C116 F34