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23 Yrs Old, Looking for Advice. Bad Recovery After 3x PCTs

Hey guys here’s the info:

01/15/18 (pre-cycle bloods)
Testosterone, Serum 599
LH 4.0
FSH 5.7
(No prolactin test)
Estradiol 36.4

1/25 - 4/4
Test E/Tren E 500/500 per week

4/9 Noticed gyno flare up in 1 side, ended cycle and tried to
hit with nolva to reverse gyno.
Did 40mg nolva ED from 4/9 to 4/18, then 20 Nol ED until 5/20
Also started 1mg ED finasteride on 4/20 due to hairloss from cycle
Took 5000mcg HCG between 4/11 and 4/26 in different increments (I regret this, no telling what it did)

Then the following blood test took place after ending PCT:
6/26/18 (1st post PCT1)
Testosterone, Serum 277
LH 3.9
FSH 4.0
(No prolactin test)
Estradiol 17.7

So I waited a while and decided to do another round PCT of: 40/40/20/20/10 nolva (mg EW) for 5 weeks, this ended 7/26

then I took pram .25 daily up to .75 daily to try and lower prolactin 8/22 to 9/12

9/26/18 (2nd post PCT2)
Testosterone, Serum 316
LH 2.4
FSH 3.5
Prolactin 17.4
Estradiol 29.9

This freaked me out, so I decided to hit it with a Clomid/Nolva/Prami PCT:
so from 9/26 to 10/25 I did the following:
Nolv: 20/20/20/20

And then waited roughly two months and just got these results back:

Testosterone, Serum 387
LH 1.9
FSH 3.2
Prolactin 8.8
Estradiol 22.7

So frankly, I’m freaked out, wondering if I’ll be forced to go on TRT for life.

I’m 2 months from turning 24, 215lbs and 6’0, lost most my gains after a severe medical accident (car crash multiple broken bones) and the test issues are really fucking with my head

Thank you for anyone who read this.

You need a doctor for this one. There are a lot of cases where guys run a poor pct and have to go try to fix old mistakes. But you’ve run three, and based on the fact that you kept detailed notes and got blood work I’m guessing you are someone who pays attention to detail and plans things fairly well. But what you’ve done has not gotten you back to where you want to be, and adding in a car accident means that you’re not a typical case. See a doctor. Tell him/her what happened. See if you can get this straightened out before it does any more damage to your well-being.

And no, don’t freak out about having to tell your doctor about steroid use. Doctors treat lung cancer patients who smoked their way to an early grave. They treat former (and current) addicts. They treat the person in front of them, irrespective of how they got there.


I made an appointment for the 20th, I’m really hoping I don’t get pushed towards TRT, I avoided going to a “low t” clinic type place for that reason.